Tale of Thomas Royce...

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All over the continent the daughters of high born lords are being kidnapped. The Smithsonian's are going to try and stop the culprit. Thomas Royce is a kind person, that is uncharacteristic since he belongs to a powerful warrior race. For 800 years the settlement of Smithtown has battle against any threat to its people. Thomas is a young soldier and he finds himself in the center of a conflict that he might not endure.

Adventure / Fantasy
Preston Tucker
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They moved fast as shadows hugging the darkness to hide their advance. All along the walls are wanted posters, the picture at the center features a pretty girl with auburn hair. A thick mist envelops the village. Three hooded figures move with haste to get to their destination.

Ansley feels tired, they narrowly escaped the attack in the forest. Determined to make it to safety she and her protectors move at a faster pace.

Ansley makes a turn down another alley they don’t have far to go.... Three tall and hooded figures stand in their path. Stepping in front of her, a bodyguard draws his sidearm and aims it at the trio.

“Stand aside or ...” The man’s sentence cuts off.

Ansley swears she hears a whistle then a click. A warm and sticky mist sprays her in the face. A large amount of the liquid gets in her mouth. Tasting like rusty metal it turns her delicate stomach, Ansley blinks and hears the muffled click again. Something heavy falls onto the back of her legs. In her shock she is unaware that both of her bodyguards are been dead. The girl is instantly surrounded by men in hoods.

The man in the middle of the trio steps forward over the corpse of her guard. He pulls down his hood to reveal a hideous face. The face is filled with boils, scabs and scars. The man’s teeth are black and yellow.

Speaking in the low born commoner dialect, he smiles and reaches for her face, turning her cheeks with his filthy hands moving her head side to side. With horrible, foul breath he tells her

“So soft, I bet your soft all over; we will just have to find out how soft, won't we?"

The men around her laugh, they move closer. One smells her hair. Ansley is afraid. The fear could be clearly seen in her eyes... ‘this shouldn’t be happening’. Thinks Ansley.

One of the men turns her head to the side and she felt a sharp prick. Her brain could not form thoughts, all the emotions of fear and terror slipped away, not before the ugly man looks into Ansley eyes and says to her

“I’ll be here when you wake up”

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