Blue journey

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Life began in the ocean and it seems that we will also bury it there. Are we really the last generation who can change anything? “We’d been through hard times that opened our eyes and helped us to realise that every swish of a tail is precious.” Two young blue whales, accompanied by grey, cheerful fish sets out on a journey across the oceans. They meet many characters whose stories affect and change our trio as much as the Blue Planet itself. They learn that a fragile balance has been disturbed and the waters no longer belong to animals. However, they maintain faith and hope, listen to simple, yet profound wisdom and with open eyes continue forward on their journey to precarious future. How will this story, which you may be part of, end? A book filled with love and suffering, losses and unity. For the young and the old.

Adventure / Children
Tom Jurka
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It was cold and snowy in Prague, January 16th 2018, when I was waiting at the airport. My thoughts were already in tropical Sri Lanka. I saw myself enjoying wild nature, running on beautiful beaches and swimming in the endless ocean.

Once I arrived, I took a train from Colombo and finally arrived at a beach, kicking off my shoes. There is nothing better than walking barefoot in the sand.

I stepped on the beach, surprised being there completely alone, looked around and got frozen. There must have been more plastic than sand.
After a short zigzag walk between trash, I stopped. There was a stream, coming from the land straight to the ocean. But instead of water, it was filled with colourful trash.

At that moment I knew I needed to do something ...


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