Blue journey

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Chapter 10

Several sunrises and sunsets had passed. I had become so fond of Atli that losing her would be like swimming without my fins – impossible.

When Grandpa had lost Grandma, I wasn’t alive yet. Then they caught Mom. And it hurt me, although I was very young back then. But it had broken Dad.

Now I really understood why. When you swim with someone for a long time, you become one.

I don’t know how those above the surface feel about it, but they certainly don’t become one. Otherwise they would understand that it’s not good to deprive someone of half of their body.

Margot was sort of our little teacher. She had learnt more wise things from the old Turtle than her tiny body could bear. She was also in touch with the birds who knew about everything above the surface.

The three of us glided through the vast deep oceans. I was amazed by the diversity of our huge mutual home. Dad used to say “With every day of your life, you’ll become wiser and enriched by new encounters. Open yourself up to the ocean, Lupin, and it will open up to you”.

And he was right.

Whether greeted by shoals of curious and constantly moving fish of various colours and sizes or by mysterious Octopuses merging with the corals – I always felt the connection that Dad spoke about. The eternal truth is that everyone needs someone else in the ocean to be able to survive.

But then we came closer to the shores. We were swimming carefully and close to the bottom. There were big black shadows above us, preventing some of the warm sunrays from penetrating the immense volume of water.

Suddenly there was a loud bang. And another one. And again. I looked up and, behind one of the black shadows, I saw fish bodies sinking down like stones. Their shapes looked familiar, yet strange. Something was wrong.

Then the bodies moved, clumsily and desperately. As they sank deeper, they left a dark red stripe behind them.

“But they are ...” Atli was shocked.

“Sharks!” Margot finished for her with a strange fear in her eyes. I watched the desperately tossing bodies. The girls were right. They were Sharks, but without the feature so typical of them that I could hardly recognise them from afar. Where one of the best hunters and most respected predators of the ocean was supposed to have a fin in the shape of a reversed tooth, it just had a bare back with a long hole from which dark blood was oozing.

I had known a few Sharks when very young. They were good guys and friends. I’d always admired them – their strength, agility, flexibility and commitment to hunting.

And now I saw them – poor, humiliated, defeated, yet still fighting for their lives ... in vain.

They landed on the bottom right next to us, and I wanted to help them, but couldn’t ...

For a moment, you are celebrating the life around you and in no time you are surrounded by death – evil, hateful, disgraceful and pointless. I wondered: Why? Why do those above the surface do it? What do they get out of this evil massacre?

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