Blue journey

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Chapter 15

We swam for a long time. The currents carried us for a while and then Margot took the lead. She claimed that she knew exactly how to get into Coral City.

One day, Atli and I noticed – when Margot was excitedly telling us a story about her home – that we had swum past the same rock the second time, but we said nothing.

After some time, the water got colder.

“Margot, didn’t you say that it’s sunny in Coral City every day and that we’ll warm up our fins?” Atli teased her.

“There are not even many colours ... Wait, isn’t that an ice floe over there?” I remarked.

“Oh, my dear impatient friends. Coral City is a long way away. The only question is whether to turn left or right.”

“You’re the guide here,” Atli said.

“Yes, yes, but we’re a team. We should make decisions together. To the left or to the right?”

“We don’t know, Margot. Tell us.”

“But Lupin, you’re such a traveller. Tell me where your heart is leading you.”

“Where?” I looked at Atli. “Not to the left and not to the right, Margot.”

Atli smiled at me and I returned her smile.

Our relationship grew stronger with every sunset.

“Alright then. Let’s vote ... If you want to go to the right, raise your fin. If ...“

“Margot, you have no idea where we are, right?”

“Me? No. Yeah. Well ... No, I don’t.” Margot dropped her eyes, embarrassed.

Atli and I looked at her and burst out laughing.

“It doesn’t matter, dear fish,” I encouraged her. “We knew all the time that we were off course.”

Margot looked up in surprise.

“But isn’t the freedom to swim where we like that which makes us happy? Letting ourselves be carried by the currents, stopping at rocks in the deep, enjoying delicious krill in peace. I think this is what Dad meant when he said that one who only thinks about the destination of his journey, will never enjoy the magic of travel. And so, dear Margot, let’s swim until the end of our days. Coral City will eventually emerge. You’ll see.”

Margot brightened, as if inflated with happiness, and darted forward, calling to us: “Yippee! Ignorance is bliss and freedom!”

Atli came up closer to me, smiling.

“You’re a good Blue Whale, Lupin. Your dad would be proud of you.”

“You really think so?”

“I’m sure. Now let’s swim or the little fish will get lost again.”

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