Blue journey

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Chapter 22

As we approached the shore, the number of ships was increasing, as if they completely shielded the sun.

We followed Lin’s directions, holding our breath as much as possible and hunting in deep waters.

However, what hurt us was the terrible noise resounding far and wide.

We met a few fish and greeted them. But they didn’t seem to hear us. Perhaps they had gone deaf from the noise. I felt sorry for them.

“Let’s swim as fast as we can,” Margot constantly kept urging us. “Coral City is nearby. I can feel it.”

Could it be true? Were we really approaching the colourful paradise where everyone lives according to the normal laws of the ocean?

We were impatient. Still careful, but excited.

“Hurry up, Blue Whales! We’re almost there!” Margot kept speeding up, leaving us far behind.

Then something happened.

She suddenly stopped.

As we approached her, we happily noticed that she had met two Turtles.

Maybe they are old friends of hers, I thought. They could accompany us to the City.

We were almost there.

But something was wrong.

Margot had her eyes closed and the Turtles had their backs turned to us.

“Did you find your friends, Margot?” Atli asked eagerly.

“Yes, I know them,” Margot said in a desperate voice.

“Hello, Turtles,” Atli said. Before I managed to do the same, the Turtles slowly turned around. But not of their own free will. They both had a strange grey thing wrapped around their long necks. It looked like the trash that Dad had swallowed.

They were dead.

“I think they suffocated,” Margot said after a long silence.

“Many and Lany, two sisters I grew up with.”

“Oh, Margot, I’m very sorry,” Atli stroked her with her fin.

I did the same.

We had almost forgotten about our long journey during the past days. All the encounters, sad stories, ever-present death.

We were so driven by the vision of the destination of our journey ... Almost like baby animals that think of nothing other than playing and frolicking.

The sight of Many and Lany, floating lifelessly on the surface with their eyes filled with pain, brought us back to reality. To the ocean that no longer belonged to us marine animals.

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