Blue journey

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Chapter 23

The death of Many and Lany affected us greatly. Margot changed. Although Coral City was almost in sight, she just shuffled along behind us, downhearted.

We tried to encourage her with the vision of the colourful paradise, her beloved home, but in vain.

She needed time. It eventually heals most wounds. But certainly not all of them.

We swam through an area where there were fewer vessels and so we could at least behave more naturally.

After a few magical sunsets filled with strange silence, Margot finally spoke.

“I recognise this place. We’re very close now, my Blue Whale family,” she smiled and swam between us.

“Just one last night and we’ll reach Paradise.”

“I like that,” Atli was excited. “Tell us again about Coral City, Margot.”

“Ok, my dear Blue Whales. Imagine that you’re in clear water and there’s a shoal of yellow striped fish and a few matt red and orange fish mingling among them. Right behind them a shoal of violets, as we call them, are gathering. Suddenly, everyone swims in different directions as a Shark emerges, big and strong. He passes by with a polite greeting. The surface above your head is swirling, as wild waves reach the shores.

It seems like a different world when you look up.

But a second later, you look down again, something attracts your attention ... Yes, the diversity of all the colours, shapes and sizes that extend all over the seabed.

It may seem that the local creatures are swimming chaotically from side to side, but everyone knows what they’re doing and where to swim. Coral City is a beautiful place where order prevails.

“The seabed is usually occupied by predators, who oversee that order is maintained and reduce the inhabitants to avoid overpopulation.

“It’s both beautiful and rather terrible, as from morning and throughout the night, anyone can meet his or her fate at any time.

“That’s why we’re constantly happy and grateful for every morsel of food that ends up in our mouths. For we never know if that bite is going to be our last. The Law of Coral City, do you remember? So, let’s swim!”

“Yeah, let’s swim!” Atli and I exclaimed.

“Yes, but tomorrow, friends. Let’s rest now. Tomorrow is another day. The great and glorious day that we’ve been waiting for.”

We set out early, the surface was still dark.

“You must see sunrise above the City. It’s the most beautiful sight,” Margot called and darted forward. For the first time since our journey, she really seemed to know the way.

The water slowly turned pale and Margot kept speeding up.

“Hurry up, Blue Whales! We must hurry!”

Atli and I didn’t know her so happy and excited. She was always an optimistic fish, but now she was over the moon with joy. She swam as never before, as if the next moment meant her whole life.

I looked at Atli. She seemed happy. She smiled roguishly, winked at me, speeded up and shadowed me with her tail.

We’d travelled to many places indeed, I thought. Dad would surely be proud of us.

We’d been through hard times that opened our eyes and helped us to realise that every swish of a tail is precious.

And now we were about to end our journey. The end of our adventure together.

Margot looked back and nodded at us.

A few more swishes and ...

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