Blue journey

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Chapter 24

The first rays of the sun cut through the surface and touched our bodies. I closed my eyes, swam blindly and looked forward to opening them and seeing all the colours and endless shoals of fish.

But something made me wake up. It was a strange feeling, a bad premonition.

I saw Margot in front of me.

She slowed down and then stopped completely. Atli swam next to me, her eyes filled with horror.

I looked down and realised what was going on.

The entire seabed was covered in doom. Grey and white shadows covered what looked like coral reefs, but only in shape. They looked like piles of fish bones, like a big ocean cemetery. There were no shoals of fish, Octopuses or Morays. Only a few fish occasionally swam through the remains of the sparse vegetation.

Coral City was dead and deserted.

I carefully approached Margot.

“I’m very sorry, my friend.”

She didn’t answer. She just looked as sad, exhausted and as lifeless as her home.

“We’ll find another city,” I tried to comfort her.

She looked at me desperately and said nothing. Then she cast her eyes towards Atli, lowered her head and swam away.

It was pointless following her. Everyone needs to be alone sometimes.

Atli and I remained alone, disappointed, hopeless and aimless.

At least I thought so.

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