Blue journey

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Chapter 25

Night shrouded the water. We swam slowly, aimlessly, waiting for our friend to appear.

“Do you remember the story of Lin the Shark?” Atli suddenly asked me.

“I’m sorry about my behaviour back then.”

I remembered how she had fled into the deep after Lin had finished his very sad story.

I nodded silently.

“You know, I acted like that because...” she paused and closed her eyes.

“How they caught his wife with small Pen inside... a moment before his birth ...

“In short, Lupin,” she said, staring straight into my eyes, “I’m carrying our baby.”

That night, I forgot about everything we’d been through. I recalled my dad. My entire youth flashed before my eyes. All the moments together, his careful look, my first hunt. I was no longer the small lively Lupin who often disappeared into the deep, returning to his worried father. A father who cared for his son in the best way he could.

I was to become a parent now. And I’d do anything for our family.

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