Blue journey

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Chapter 1

My name is Lupin and I come from an old family of Blue Whales. My dad was Lintyn and my grandpa was Lepon, but we called him Grandpa Lep. My grandma was caught by those above the surface before I was born.

“But that’s normal,” Dad used to say. “Sometimes we have to let ourselves be caught, so there won’t be too many of us in the ocean.”

Grandpa Lep was always sad. He tried to put on a brave face before us, supporting Dad’s view, but I often saw him alone under the reefs, suffering and crying.

He told me about their love and how he and Grandma used to swim across the whole ocean.

He told me that to lose a loved one is like losing your other half. And so, I imagined myself swimming with only one fin, one eye and half of my tail just to understand how Grandpa Lep felt.

Mom took great care of me. It wasn’t very easy, you know. When I was born, I was already big reef in terms of weight and size. She often told me “You’re one of the bigger babies, Lupi”.

We baby whales stay with our moms for some time. And when it happened, I wasn’t yet ready to say goodbye ...

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