Blue journey

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Chapter 3

When they caught Mom, I wasn’t ready for life yet. But Dad and Grandpa Lep did everything they could to compensate for my mother’s love.

But it was difficult, you know.

The worst thing was that not one of us could sing as beautifully as Mom. Oh, what a sweet voice she had ...

The ocean was quiet and sad during the following years. But I was a kid and kids like to play and frolic about.

Dad and Grandpa Lep had a hard time with me when I disappeared into the deep waters and returned with the first rays of the sun glittering on the surface.

Poor Dad and Grandpa Lep. If I only could apologise to them.

One day, Dad and I were swimming near the surface when a young Turtle passed by. She greeted us politely and we returned her greeting.

Then Dad told me that we were lucky. Turtles were rare in those days. Those above the surface did strange things with them.

I didn’t really understand it, but if Dad said so, I knew it was true.

In the evening, Grandpa Lep joined us. That night, they took me on my first real hunt. It was very special. I’ll never forget it. We fell asleep exhausted and I was happy.

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