Blue journey

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Chapter 4

The sun rose and set while the sea currents flowed smoothly and easily.

Many years had passed since Mom’s death. I noticed that many of those silent nets had disappeared. But we were still very careful. Grandpa Lep always took a breath as first – he said his life didn’t matter anymore. Dad followed and I went last.

As I grew up, Grandpa Lep started to swim aimlessly, stopped talking and completely forgot how to laugh.

One night, he went away, saying: “The depth is calling me.” His eyes were absent.

“Where are you off to, Grandpa Lep?” Dad asked him.

And Grandpa Lep replied, not turning back: “To seek answers.”

I was already older, but still not clever enough to understand his words.

When he didn’t return after a week, Dad told me: “Imagine, Lupin, that you lose someone whom you love with all your heart ... Have you got it, boy?”

I nodded, thinking about Dad.

“And now imagine, my dear Lupi, that it happens again.”

But how could I lose you twice, Daddy? I thought.

But I said nothing. I was thinking about it.

“Grandpa Lep lost his most important loved ones. He tried to replace his hatred and anger with his love for you. But it can’t go on like that forever.”

I still didn’t understand Dad’s words.

“And then, when the body and mind grow older, the soul feels a relentless need to move away.”

Dad noticed my confused expression and smiled.

“Lupi, it’s as if we’re living in a place that is gradually getting worse – the water is dirty, the fish swim away and the corals are dying. Yes, that’s also happening, my boy,” he looked worried.

“And when you feel that a place can’t give you anything, you decide to leave and find a new place. And this is what the soul does.”

“The soul leaves the old dead corals and dirty water,” I started to understand.

“Exactly, son. It’s as natural as our lunch, which we will now have. Do you agree?”

“So Grandpa was an old place with dirty water and dead corals?”

Dad smiled. “You can say so. But the water got dirty and the corals died because of those above the surface ...”

I wasn’t completely sure what the soul was, but I hoped that Grandpa was happy.

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