Light in the Darkness

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One of the figures raised a sword and it lit on fire. The heat cleared the fog, and there they were, the four horsemen There's a new threat to the earth, not really, demons are on the attack and the horsemen are powerless. What's going to happen now, four teens are given the opportunity of a lifetime, become the heroes of the earth.

Adventure / Action
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“Joshua…” A voice whispered.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Get up Joshua.” said the voice.

I opened my eyes, I was floating in the darkness.

“We need you, they need you!”

“Who? Who needs me?!” I yelled.

“He’s coming, he wants the earth, he wants to rule your world!” said the voice.

“WHO?!” I yelled.

I heard a roar, a demonic roar in the void I was floating in, suddenly, I was engulfed in flames. I woke up in a cold sweat, I was breathing hard I felt my heart in my throat. I looked at my phone, 6:15 time to get ready for school. I roll out of bed and get on my feet. It’s bright outside a beautiful summer morning. The last day of school. I have to make it good. I throw on some clothes and walk downstairs to the kitchen.

“Morning Joshua.” said my Mom.

’’Morning.” I replied.

“What are you having for breakfast” said my Mom

“I don’t know” I said “probably cereal”

I poured some milk into the bowl, warmed it up, poured in the frosted flakes. I walked over to the dinner table, suddenly visions flashed before me. I saw fire, saw fire all over New York city, buildings destroyed, people running. I dropped my bowl of cereal, the milk and cereal went everywhere.

“JOSHUA!” yelled my Mom.

“Huh, what?” I said.

I looked down and saw the bowl and spilled cereal.

“Oh, sorry I uh-”

“Don’t, just go” said my Mom

“Ok” I replied

I threw a breakfast burrito into the microwave and began my trek to school. As I walk down my block my vision becomes distorted and blurry, horrific visions fade in and out I see my block in shambles, houses on fire, bodies burning. I jump back in fear

“What’s happening to me” I ask myself

I continue on, another vision pops up, a burning truck comes right at me, I close my eyes and put up my hands. When I opened my eyes, everything was back to normal

“Forget this” I said

I jog the rest of my way, detesting all the visions I saw on my way to school. When came up to the high school a vision came up, half the school was destroyed, teared to the ground the other half was on fire completely. I walked in, I saw a sea of students going every which way, then they were all dead slaughtered one was without a head, then back to normal

“It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real” I repeated to myself

“What’s not real” asked Star

Star is a good friend of mines, she looks out for me sometimes, other times she makes me want to pull my hair out. She’s a bit short 5’8 long blue hair, freckles, brown, eyes, and very shy, well at least until she’s comfortable with you, then her mouth turns into 7/11, it never closes

“What, oh, you know aliens, bigfoot, things like that” I replied

“Ok, well are you coming to class” she asked

I looked at her, suddenly she was a burning skeleton then back to normal

“Yeah, lead the way” I said

We walked to class, I saw more visions, my head began to pound, Star looked at me

“You ok” she asked

“Hmm, yeah, just a small headache” I said

“Ok” Star replied

We walked to our first class; Math. I hated every minute in there, the students acted as if they were kings and queens. Disgusting! I saw more visions, life, death, life, decay, life, fire, life. It was nauseating. Star sat next to me and noticed I was acting strangely, when I looked at her she jumped back and screamed, I was startled.

“What” I asked

She looked at me as if she had seen a ghost. I reached my hand towards her

“Don’t touch me you monster” she yelled as she smacked my hand away

“What!” I said

“Mr. Swaby what are you doing” asked the teacher

“Nothing I swear” I said

Star looked behind her and screamed then ran out the room

“Damnit” I said I ran after her

“Get away from me” she yelled at me

“I know what’s happening to you” I yelled back

“You do” she asked

“Yes” I replied “its why I’m having this head ache”

“Why is this happening, first I see life then death then life again” she said

“I know, I know, but trust me, it’s still me” I said

“Ok” she said

“You two” said a voice it was a hall monitor

“Damnit” I said

“What are you two doing out of class” asked the hall monitor

“A lovely stroll through these halls really clears the head don’t ya think” said Star

“Not dealing with this- “

The hall monitor’s radio started calling him

“Yeah this is Jim”

They were talking about another student

“Another one, where, Third floor? ok, Akira, alright I’m on it

Our eyes widened,

“Akira must be seeing what we’re seeing” said Star

“Maybe” I said.

We bolted to the nearest staircase, the hall monitor ran after us, we ran around the third floor, dodging the monitor and looking for Akira, then we turned a corner, and I ran into her and we fell down she was on top of me.

“Ow” I said

Akira shook her head

“You ok baby” asked Star

By the way Akira and Star are together. Akira is a tough one and can easily bulldoze you if she wanted, but she has a soft heart which is the opposite of Star, she has blue hair(dyed), brown eyes, smooth skin, beautiful and sensitive

“Yeah, I’m fine” said Akira, she stood up, I helped myself up

“Hi Akira” I said

Akira screamed and punched me in the jaw, I was knocked to the ground, I laid there and looked at the ground.

“Oh my gosh, Joshua are you ok”

“Why me” I said

“Sorry” said Akira

I got up and dusted myself off

“HEY, YOU THREE!” yelled the monitor

“Crap” said Star

“You three are in big trouble” said the monitor as he walked towards us

“Should we run” asked Akira

“No” I said

I noticed students from the classes around us were watching.

“Follow me now” said the monitor

We did as he said, as we walked, the visions popped in and out, Star held onto Akira as we walked.

“Get in there” said the monitor, it was the principal’s office.

We walked in and sat down, the office was huge, Mrs. Jane our principal, had pictures of tigers and her kids everywhere, her desk was facing us, she was on the phone when we came in.

“Yes, yes, ok, thank you, have a nice day” said Mrs. Jane

Mrs. Jane was shorter than me and I was 6’, she was around 5’9’’, she was in her early thirties, blonde, hazel eyes, had a deep British accent and wore a suit every day. She approached us.

“You three have been causing major disruption among the school, kids looking about and being distracted” she said “what do you have to say for yourself”

“Uh” muttered Star

“If we told you, you would think we’re crazy” I said

“Oh really, test me” said Mrs. Jane

Star, Akira and I looked at each other

“If you say so” I said

I began to explain to her my dream and my visions, she looked at me with interest, when I was done she looked at Akira and Star, they nodded to confirm my story. Mrs. Jane looked at us. She walked to the back off the room and picked up the phone and dialed in a number. She covered her mouth when she spoke. I began to become angry.

“Calm down we don’t know what she’s going to do” said Star

“That’s what’s getting me upset” I said

She hung up the phone and looked at us.

“Go to the nurse, from there she’ll tell you what do from there” said Mrs. Jane

We left the office and walked to the nurse. I saw more visions

“Why do you think we’re going to the nurse” asked Akira

“Nothing good most likely” replied Star

We walked in to the nurse’s office, she saw us and gave us each two bottles of water, and a cup with a cover

“When you need to go, go in that, cover it and give it to me” said the nurse

“Are you kidding me” I said “you think we’re on drugs”

“The principal does” replied the nurse

“This is ridiculous; I’m not do this” I said

“Then you are on something”

“What, no”

“Then prove it”


I walked in to the bathroom and did what I had to do. I handed the cup to the nurse. I waited on Star and Akira.

“Your mother is coming to pick you up” said the nurse

“Great” I said

Star walked out and Akira walked in,

“My mom is coming to get me; this will be an interesting talk” I said

“I don’t even know how to tell my grandmother” said Star

Akira walked out

“Hey” she said

“Hey” I said

“This is ridiculous” said Star

“Well maybe you shouldn’t run up and down the halls like you’re crazy” said the nurse

“You have no idea what we’re going through”

“True but I know a thing or two about self-control”

I saw Stars face turn red, suddenly my mom walked in

“I’m here to get my son” said my mom

“Can I get a ride” asked Star

“Me too, and I’m staying with Star for the week” said Akira

“Ok” said my mom

“Here’s the note for leaving” said the nurse as she handed my mom the note

“Thanks” said my mom

“Have a good day” said the nurse

We walked out the building, and to the car, we got in, my mom held on to the wheel and breathed slowly then drove off. The car ride was silent, until my mom said

“Someone care to explain what’s happening”

My visions started coming back, they were so frequent it seemed normal, I watched the buildings pass by, destroyed, built, destroyed, built. Akira screamed suddenly

“Hey, whoa, what was that for” asked my mom

“Sorry, sorry, I just, uh…” said Akira

“Well” said my mom

“It’s nothing really” said Star

“Ok…” said my mom

She dropped Akira and Star off at their house, then we drove down our street to our house. My mom parked the car in our driveway, we got out, I walked to the door

“Joshua” said my mom

“Yes” I answered

“What’s going on” she asked

“I don’t know” I replied

“Ok” she sighed

I walked in the door, took off my boots and walked up to my room, I hopped into my bed

“What the hell is going on?” I asked myself

I heard my phone ring

“Who the heck” I said


I answered it


“Dude I’ve been seeing some crazy shit man, they pulled me from school, my parents think I’m on drugs and shit” Paul exclaimed

“I know; I’ve been seeing the same stuff” I said

“Really” asked Paul

“Yeah” I replied

“Oh thank God, also I’ve been hearing, “Wheeler”, “Wheeler”, “Wheeler” said Paul

“Wheeler park maybe” I said

My phone began vibrating, Star was calling, I merged the calls

“Hello” said Star

“Hi” said Paul

“Hey” I said

“Guys I’m hearing voices” said Star

“Is it saying “Wheeler” asked Paul

“Yeah, are you hearing it too” asked Akira in the background

“Well then we’re going to Wheeler park” I said

“Ok” said Paul

“I’m not excited about this at all” said Akira

“Me neither but we need answers” I said

“He’s right” Said Star

“Let’s go before we change our mind” said Paul

“Right” I said

“See y’all in Wheeler” said Star

I hung up, walked downstairs, my mom was watching TV

“I’m going to the park; I need some air” I said

“Ok, be safe” she said

I put on my boots and walked to the park, the day was gloomy, low fog, a little drizzle. I crossed the highway over to Wheeler Park, I saw Paul sitting on a bench by the soccer field, I walked over to him.

“What’s up” I said

“What’s happening man” asked Paul

“I don’t know; this is weird” I replied

“Hi” I heard yelled from behind us, it was Star and Akira

“Hey” I said

They sat next to us

“So, what are we going to do now?” asked Akira

“Take a walk maybe” said Paul

“Ok” I said

We walked towards the other side of the park, we were silent for the most part, I looked around, green grass, trees full of leaves, I felt the mist hit my face, we walked on to the bridge that leads to the other side of the park, the bridge is over a river, I sensed something as I came to the middle of the bridge. I stopped walking and looked into the water, I saw a reflection of tree however, in the reflection the sun was shining, I looked in to the sky, nothing but clouds. I called everyone over.

“Check this out” I said

“Whoa, that’s weird” said Star

Then a girl looked into the water, she wasn’t next to us, so we looked back at the water, she was just sitting there staring at us. She wore full leather clothes, on top of it she had armor on, both upper arms and plating, enough to keep the full range of motion, her forearm had braces on it that extend to a spike at the elbow. Her chest was covered in overlapping plates Star waved, but she didn’t wave back

“She can’t see us” said Paul

“Jump” said a voice

“Who said that” I asked

“I heard it too” said Akira

“Same” said Star

“Yeah” Said Paul

“Jump” the voice said again

“I’m doing it” I said

“What” exclaimed Star

“Nope, nope, I’m doing it” I said

“I’m right behind you” said Paul

“Ok here I go” I said

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