Revenant's Storm (The Wicked West series)

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A western adventure story in which a devilish aristocrat endeavors to raise an army of the dead. Centuries into the future, the American southwest has returned to a lawless frontier. Glittering cities corrupt with gambling and prostitution hoard the wealth while shantytowns thirst and suffer. But the true danger lies with rumors of missing bodies and empty graves. Four lives twist together as a dark prophecy comes into fruition: a child sacrifice, a defected soldier, an immigrant scientist, and a charismatic gunslinger each twist the fate of the handsome aristocrat in his endeavors to ratise an army of the dead.

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"At a certain point on his path the absurd man is tempted. History is not lacking in either religions or prophets, even without gods. He is asked to leap. All he can reply is that he doesn't fully understand, that it is not obvious. Indeed, he does not want to do anything but what he fully understands. He is assured that this is the sin of pride, but he does not understand the notion of sin; that perhaps hell is in store, but he has not enough information to visualize that strange future; that he is losing immortal life, but that seems to him an idle consideration. An attempt is made to get him to admit his guilt. He feels innocent." Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

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