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When it is historical it must be factual. I asked this question what does a man from time known as this romantic figure have in common with the ideal? When it is over rated the human beasts we known we have been known to be possess everything knowledge but do we know what is fact from fiction about historical characters who have become folk legends and what do they do towards making themselves the characters we did adore as children? What does it matter what is what when in fact the meagre facts tell the story which is that he did something for the kind of people he came from. Most kings and queens reigned with blood. From the times we come from the blood and gore did give us the stories and the storms which we now know as history.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

In the sunshine snuggled against the brook and there and here this spoilt him. He now not the boy but a man he abler than anyone. He got rid of most of his enemies and there was almost this worthy self which asked for nothing more than the joys of life. Self is well and nourished with the bread and the cheese. He wept with joy to seek the things the simple things which would destroy anybody in his position to own.

Life fled and lived in others at his will and he was now the man most feared.

Lush green trees everywhere. That he bathed in the nude with the horse and the herd as he washed and then dried himself animals got rid of yet another wound now clean. The sweat off him, He nice and easy as he fell into the river again. Submerged like a fish. The animals a part of him he patted his white horse and a wolf went and came again searching for a meal. He sat it out staring at the wolf and the wolf sensing some danger left. He herded the goats. In the safe enclosed perfect space, which they had found there was no immediate danger but just in case. He carried a knife so sharp he would skin someone alive with. He drunk from their milk and the animals loved him. He had just married. His wife a young girl still watched as he was in the nude.

He remembered their courting and the position being hers.

She loved him even back then. She did not only love him but worshipped him from afar. His handsome too handsome for you said her family and arranged a cousin to marry her to be her mate. Her new master and she did not like the male. He too civil and nothing to do with being a man.

Over the years he found out things which mattered to him not at all. But he wished he had known what he was letting himself in for.

She was a shrewd woman with a wise head on her shoulders secretive and challenging to him. He grew to love her and being with her was the best thing he could have done with his life. She belonged to him despite everything.

He was so young the world was young with him sunshine all the time and when the rains crept in there was always loving arms to shelter him, His first mate was she. She had behaved honourably she did not deserve him. He thought she did and marry her he had to because the family said she had a secret somewhere he did not dare to speak in public about the new woman the wife he had chosen.

“Wrong choice.”

They all at first laughed at his choice.

“But the agony did not happen if laughter is the cure for blindness than most of the clan could see by now.”

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