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Whale Whisperer

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Chapter 2: The escape

Drifting around the wrong side of the Whale Jail, I hold on to the metal grates too support me against the strong currents. I take a deep breath- breathing underwater is probably the queerest ability I have- and think. I want this- or do I? Will I really sacrifice getting a cure for my abnormal skin to release these whales? Guilt swallows me in one gulp. Who am I kidding? These whales deserve their freedom more then anybody else’s problems in the entire universe- including me and my skin. Cautiously, I pull myself around to Pizza’s bit of the jail, afraid that if I let go I’ll drift into the unknown and end up in my stupid village, where questions will put me to the test. The keys feel heavy in my palm and they dig into my fingers . Even though I know this is what I want uncertainty gnaws at me like a hyena finishing off it’s kill. It feels strange. I’m never an indecisive person. But the problem is, if I escape with the belugas were am I supposed to live? Seriously, what am I supposed to do? Finally, I reach Pizza. Slow and steadily I unlock the gate. Bubbles float up and pass my face. Grabbing the gate, I open it. Immediately all of the belugas create a hubbub of commotion, speeding out of the whale jail like a flash of lightning. Already I hear the loud voices- heavy with thick Russian accents- screaming as they realise their precious belugas swimming at full pelt into the azure, icy horizon. Suddenly I hear them shrieking my name and I bolt to catch up with the fast-swimming whales. Their sleek pearl-white bodies thunder through water despite their peaceful nature. It’s heart-breaking to see such innocent animals so eager to get away from something horrible. “ Hurry Up!” The belugas yell at me. It is clear I’m being too slow for them. After about 20 minutes of endless,exhausting swimming, an island comes into view. Is it worth exploring? I speed up my swimming at incredible velocity. Soon, my knees graze against pebbles on the rocky floor of the shoreline. The island is vast and is covered in shrubs of every size and colour. Green ones are dotted around on the beach, their bright evergreen leaves speckled with white snow, falling softly to the ground. Out of the corner of my eye I spot a wooden villa, smoke curling out of the chimney like a snake slithering it’s way up a tree. I stand up and make my way to the strange cabin. It’s worth exploring it! The belugas celebrate their escape in a small creek just offshore. It creates a happpy feeling inside me too know they are safe- and too know they are happy.

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