Nights Into Dreams

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This is a collection of my dreams from childhood to adulthood. Some of these dreams are fun, happy, exciting, and others are just strange. I hope you enjoy this small collection of dreams. Sweet dreams everyone!

Adventure / Scifi
A.I. Medina
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The following is a collection of dreams that I have had throughout my years as a teenager to an adult. Most of these I remember perfectly, others, I will attempt to recreate everything as best I can.
If something does not make sense it is because it was meant to be understood in a different way. We may not always understand a dream.
Dreams are fabulous, yet mysterious. They can guide us or tell us something about ourselves. Do you dream of falling or flying? Do you dream of both? Can you stop time and travel deep into your thoughts and relive the moment you met your first crush or your first fear? What can you make out of that dream? Some dreams are scary and other dreams can delight us in happiness.
As nights turn into dreams, we can always have something to dream about.
I hope you enjoy this collection. Sweet dreams everyone! May your dreams be filled with joy, wonder, and precious memories.
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