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{A short-ish story depicting the world after an infectioin took control over most of the world} Franklin Manetta is stuck in and apocalyptic Earth. He grew up in this, being only 10 when the virus broke out. It was just like the movies, they were viscous, and evil. Now, 15 years later, Franklin is 25. He is part of a small military group, under control of the remnants of the United Nations. His teams job is to gain control of important documents, art, and relics, Incase they fix their very large problem.

Adventure / Scifi
Dylan Wyatt
4.4 5 reviews
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Chapter 1 - The World

When this all started, it was November 11th. Frank was almost 10. His birthday was 4 and a half weeks away. He had no idea that anything was going on, no one did. It wasn't spread on the media to prevent panic. Medical cases were shrugged off as a new form of rabies. No one knew what it was, or how it became so widespread.

Some guesses are the Hospitals, that all of the doctors had no idea that the virus was a threat to the human race. Some said it travels through water and/or air. But there's no proof to either of those. The most worthy claim is that people just had no idea anything was going on. If their family had gotten infected, they would try to help instead of killing them, and then they would get infected. People wanted to help, and when they realized the only help they can give is to kill them, it was too late.

Not too long after the virus got out of control, multiple countries decided to unify, creating the country known as the United Nations, spreading all over the globe. The only few surviving countries that decided not to, were North Korea, Alaska, and the newly formed USSR. Alaska, along with Texas, gained their independence from the United States during the "war". Alaskan officials asked for their independence, and were given it peacefully. The US didn't fight back, because it would be best for them either way. Alaska was difficult to govern, due to its position and distance from mainland USA. Texas was given independence so they could govern the second part of the US control zone, meaning Undead free area. The US has control of Florida, and Texas has control of, well, Texas. Past that is under the control of the infected.

The USSR has been taken under control of Putin, mainly due to his desire to do so. He apparently thought "it would be best in this time of crisis to be completely governed by one person, to prevent corruption, disagreements, and unnecessary decisions". Obviously, no one liked this, everyone liked the idea of a unified world, to rid of the common enemies. But Putin though it'd be best to pull out of the Unification, and declare its independence as a communist state. No one did anything about this due to the possible war that would result in it, and Russia itself, was helping against the infected, just not cooperating with the UN.

No one expected North Korea to join, but no one really wanted them in the UN either, due to their past and their "ability" to help. But Alaska was sort of a surprise. It's independence day had occured only one year before the Unification, and when asked, they said no. Alaska was, for the most part, an Undead free zone, a control area. But only for Alaskans, if you leave, you leave forever. If you want to come in, you would have to climb over the 133 foot wall on their control area border, or swim through the Sub zero temperature waters. Even if you made it, you'd probably be shot on the spot. Alaska is a very cautious state, not wanting anything to happen inside the borders. The only time anyone leaves the wall is to retrieve supplies given by the US and Texas, like food, water, clothes, building supplies, and research supplies. Alaska is the only publicly known independent country to be working on a vaccine.

*Other information about the situation will be given when necessary throughout the book, such as politcal positions, military operations, and history.*

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