Jamie Cockowello The Puppy

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A little stray puppy has no place to call home. He lives in a cardboard box on the side of the road, hoped that someone would pick him up. No one ever does. He goes on an adventure with his new friends to find his new home. Then the pound swoops in and takes him and his friends. Can they break out? Or will they get locked up forever?

Adventure / Children
Kitties Rule
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Chapter 1

A little puppy named Jamie Cockowello is a stray. No place to call home. Woof! He barks all day long, hoped that someone will take him. He's cold, hungry and dying of thirst. On September 25th 1999 He was born under an old old house. Then the old house fell down and killed the mom and siblings. Jamie survived. No mom, no milk. How did he survive? No one knew.

Its January 29, 2003. Jamie is now 4 years old. Living in a cardboard box on the street. Hopefully someone will take him. But no one ever did. "Hello? Anyone see me living in a cardboard box on the side of the road here? Hello!!!" He yells. But no one could understand woof, woof, woof. So he just be saying, Woof , woof, woof, woof. Well, thats what people hear. Cars go by, people go by, other dogs go by, no one notices little Jamie.
One day while he was walking down the road trying to find food, he meets this dog name Benji. "Hey, who are you? Do you have a home?" Asked Jamie. "Cause I could use one." Benji turned around, "Im Benji. Who are you? No I don't have a owner, sorry. No one really pays attention to me." "Benji, me too. We already have something in common. Hello, my name is Jamie Cockowello. I am 4 years old. You?" Jamie said. "Im 8 months. My mom was taken by the pound. What happened to your mom? If you comfortable with telling me." "Mine died from a old house fall in 1999. All my siblings died. I survived. "How?" "Running. I ran as fast as I could. And escaped. They're bodies rotted fast. And smelled. So I ran away from there. And then the whole building collapsed on them. I really miss them." Benji look sad too. "Well, wanna be friends? I'm kinda alone." "Yeah. I'm alone too. Ive been a street dog for 4 years now. Here. Let me show you around."

As Jamie showed Benji around, they meet a cat named Julie. Julie McAllister. A snow white cat. "Hey, Im Juile. Who are ya'll?" Benji and Jamie looked at each other and said, "Im Benji, and this is my friend Jamie Cockowello. Jamie walked to Julie and said, "Hi. Im a street dog. I've been one for 4 years now." "Dang," said Julie, "I'm a street cat. I've been on for 1 year now." Benji said, "Wanna be friends, Julie?" Julie nodded, "Sure."
As they walked the streets, they ended up at the cardboard box. "Here, this is where I sleep. Let's get y'all some beds." As they got two cardboard boxes and old blankets, they put them side by side.
"Hello," Said a hound dog behind them, "my name is Cooper Jameson. What's y'alls names?" Benji stepped up and said, "I'm benji, these are my friends Julie and Jamie."
They also became friends and got Cooper and place to sleep.
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