Jamie Cockowello The Puppy

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Chapter 2

They haven't found any more side street dogs or cats yet. Then a big truck came up. The truck said "Animal Pound" so this could have not been good. "Uh, guys. We're in trouble." Says Jamie. Everyone looked up at the truck and whimpered and started to run but the person that drove the truck got them with the net and threw them in the truck. "Ahhhh!!!! We've been kidnapped by a big huge human. Guys, I'm scared." Julie shaked her head, "No reason to be scared, at least we get food." Julie then frowned. "Nope, we're doomed." "Now y'all stay in there." Said the Pound keeper as he threw them in separate cages. They didn't know what to do. How would they escape? None of them knew the answer. "Guys, I'm cold." Said Julie as she shivered. "Well, I don't know what to say. We're all cold and shiv-vering." Said Benji, shivering. As everyone shivered, the pound clerk name Clark, said, "Okay, now heres your food," he said as pouring cat and dog food in their bowls. As they munched on the food, Jamie looked up and said, "At least we don't have to sleep on the side of the road. Even though this is not better."

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