Jamie Cockowello The Puppy

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Chapter 3

They needed to come up with an escape plan. "Hey, so someone needs to escape get the key and we leave. Who is gonna do that?" Said Benji. "Dibs not it!" Says everyone but Benji. "Crap! Okay, fine. I'll do it," says Benji as he yells, "Woof! Woof! Woof, " Clark comes in and says, "What is it?" Benji tries to whimper. "All right fine, let's do walkies." Clark opens the door to him and let's him get a walk in the yard. As Clark opens the outside door Benji runs out and goes to the wall and starts digging. He gets them all out and they go to the fence and dig their way out. They are out of the pound gates and run away towards the place on the street with their beds. "I can't believe we did it! The human is probably wondering where we went and then see the holes and lose his temper."

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