Jamie Cockowello The Puppy

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Chapter 4

As they walked to the bed area on the road, they started to think, "Hey, guys, I think we work good as a team. Don't you think?" Everyone nodded. They went door to door looking for somewhere to love. Someone named Tyler wanted Cooper. Someone named Brianna wanted Julie. No one wanted Jamie or Benji. So they started to roam on the streets. A car ran by while Jamie walked through the road and Jamie got ran over. Benji ran over to Jamie and said, "Jamie! No! I can't lose you. Y-You're my friend." Jamie looked up, "Sorry, but.... you have to go on without me. I-I can't survive out here. I know you can find a home. It was nice knowing Benji." Benji drew into tears, "No!!" Jamie stopped breathing. "Okay, Benji. You can do this. I have to find a home." Benji walked house to house and door to door. Then at one house, someone named Eric, wanted Benji.

And that's how the story ends. Cooper loves his new owner and Julie is having a yarn birthday! Someone took Jamie to a graveyard as a famous dog. Benji still misses Jamie. But at least he did what Jamie told him to do.
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