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A group of little kittens. Their mom was taken by the pound. Now they have to milk to drink and no one to take care of them. Will they survive? This new book will break your heart. Read this today.

Adventure / Children
Kitties Rule
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As she was born she always knew her kittens would be a litter of 4. She wanted 2 gray striped, one yellow and a brown striped kitten. And when she was pregnet. She felt 4. When she had them, 2 gray striped, one yellow and one brown striped kitten. This is when the kittens story started.

Chapter 1
It's a beautiful morning here at Grand 'o' Bay and 4 little kittens are eating with their mama. "Y'all eat up now. Make sure you save some for Willow." Said the mama. The two gray striped ones are Willow and Spot. The brown striped on is Biny and the yellow on is Fred. She had 2 girls and 2 boys. The yellow and brown one are the boys. Willow and spot are the girls. "Mama," says Spot, "Do we have to save some for her? She's mean to us." Mama nodded, "She only wants to play, now do what I said."
Spot doesn't like Willow that much. Even though she's just playing, she just doesn't like her. Once they get done, Willow wakes up and swoops into the chow. She loves milk as much as she loves playing. Except one thing, getting in trouble.


"There's no more milk."

"Spot! Did you drink your sister's milk?!"

"No." Says Spot with a little guilt in her.

"Why?" Says mama.
Spot shrugs her little shoulders. Even though she knows. She never listens to her Mama.
Mama cat walks toward her madly, then someone takes Mama cat and Willow said, "Mama!! No!!!"
"Don't worry. Take care!!!" Mama's voice fades out into the distance. Little Willow and her siblings are now momless. No mom, no milk, no one to be taken care of.
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