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Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Spot didn't know how to break the news to her siblings. They will be heart broken. But, she has to. As she's walking towards them. Willow sneaks up on her from the behind.
Spot jumps up and shrieks.
"Hey!" Says Spot with her mean voice.
"Haha. I got you goood. Haha. So what's up and where's mom?" Asked Williow with confusion. "Actually, that's what I have to tell you about. She's gone." Willow then frowned.
"What are you talking about? Wasn't she with you?"
"Yeah but she got taken by a pound clerk."
"Oh. Okay. How are you going to break the news to the others?"
"I don't know. That's what I was trying to figure out when you came by and scared the fool out of me."
"Haha. I know. But still. They will be heart
"Let me stop you right there. Yes I know they'll be heart broke but they have to know."
"Okay." Said Willow slowly.
As they went over to the others, Spot sighed then said, "Guys, I know you with be sad but the pound took mom."
"What!" Said Biny and Fred at the same time as they drew into tears. "Why not you?"
"That I don't know."
"But who will take care of us?" Asked Biny.
"I don't know. Maybe if we find someone in a house. Maybe they will take us before the pound gets us, too." Says Fred. "I guess we better go get packed." Says Willow.
"But we don't have anything to pack." Said Biny.
"Oh, right. Well, let's go start looking," said Spot, "we don't know how long it'll take." Everyone nodded.
"But how will we get milk?" Asked Biny.
"Hmmmm.. what if we find someone before we starve and they will feed us?!?!" Says Spot.
"Umm... Okay. Sounds good to me." Replied Willow.
As they walked to find someone Willow said, "I don't think that we're gonna make it. I'm already starving." His stomach started growling.
"Well, Willow," said Spot at she touched her on the back, "we've got to try. If Mama's gone then we have to make it. It's our only chance."
"Would y'all please stop talking about Mama."
Willow and Spot both said, "Okay! JINX!!! YOU CANT TALK UNLESS SOMEONE SAYS YOUR NAME," then said at the same time but different numbers, "6!" Says Spot "4!" Willow says. "Willow. Willow. Willow. Willow. Willow. Willow." Says Biny. Then Fred says, "Spot. Spot. Spot. Spot."
"Thanks." Says Willow.
"Yeah, thanks." Replied Spot with sarcasm.
"Hey, guys. Look up ahead. There's somebody. Let's go!" Says Biny.

Once they get to the women, she says, "Why what are y'all little ones doing here? Where's your mama? Let me take care of you. Come on. Follow me." The kittens are glad to have somebody to take them. Maybe she'll give them some yummy milk. Well, they'll just have to see.
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