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Chapter 4
As they got settled, Mama kitty was talking to Spot, "So, did you get along with Willow, Spot?" Spot nodded and shaked her head, "I don't know. Maybe and maybe not. I don't know yet." Mama then said, "Oh, well, how about your other siblings. You know, Fred and Biny?" Spot nodded, "Yeah, well, Biny accidentally turned on the TV to Spongebob Squarepants and called Squidward 'ugly' and I told him, no that's an octopus."
"Oh, well, he'll do that sometimes. So get used to it."

They all got used to the new house. Biny still thought Squidward was ugly. Spot keeps telling him that's he's an octopus. Mama kitty is glad to be home. They all loved Clara just as much as she loved them.
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