Arise My Pharaoh Blood

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Lucia Santanas is a history student who accidentally releases an ancient Egyptian curse due to being a descendant of Cleopatra. She must find a way to reverse her mistake.

Adventure / Mystery
Holly Flaherty
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Chapter 1

'How much time should've passed until excavation isn't considered to be grave-robbing?'

Strange quote, isn't it? But fascinating, nonetheless. It's what kept me from ever pursing archaeology as a career choice.

I mean, you wouldn't dig up a dead man's resting place to steal his belongings, would you?

The only reason history ever repeats itself is because we always disturb the past. In legends and myths, some ancient curse would be awakened and plague us until it is reversed by some strange means.

I didn't think it was real anyway.

I've always been drawn to Ancient History, especially Egyptian History. The way their civilisation used to function, the technology they used in their day to day lives, everything about it just fascinated me. Even their faith in multiple gods bearing animal heads was just all that I wanted to read. I was always told we were descended from the Egyptians anyway.

So it came as no surprise to my parents that I wanted to study History for my degree.

But one day, something odd happened. Something that only belonged in fantasy books.

My name is Lucia Santanas and this is my tale of how I awoke an ancient curse only my bloodline could release.

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