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The little mouse got lost

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A children book for all ages Its about a tiny mouse who gets lost looking for his friend in the end he goes on a long adventure

Adventure / Children
Hope Ryan
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The little mouse who got lost

In a small village in Sunnyside lived a tiny small mouse named Brown.

Brown lived with his 12 brothers and 5 sisters and his mother and father

But one day Mother mouse asked Brown to go to the other village which is over the huge mountain.

Brown grabbed his small bag and said his goodbyes.

Brown walked around the pound

And around a huge tree and then relies he was lost..he said Oh no I'm lost..

Brown began to cry until... A Fox came out of no where and ask the mouse what was wrong.

Brown replayed with I'm lost..

The fox sat beside him as the fox licked his lips. Why don't you come with me little Mouse.

The mouse agree and followed the fox

The fox grabbed brown and put him in a pot of water he chopped some carrots, onions, and some potatoes.

The mouse jumped out of the pot and escape.

That was a close call said the mouse and he began to walk again

The mouse got to the mountain and looked up he began to climb and climb until he got to the top

The mouse slipped and fell as he fell he reached the ground and looked around he saw pretty flowers and a bright blue sky and he saw the second village and did was his mother asked him to do.

And he went home

The End

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