Bright and Beautiful - Book 2 of The First Uncanny

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Elsie's time with Valeric makes her new friends. Gives her plenty of challenges. Also, the feeling of missing her family and friends. And without Elsie, Jacob, Machelle, Kat, Finley, Warren and Jake all have their problems. Hank too but with his siblings. When Warren's sister shows up in town, she's wanting the clan to herself and the Uncanny that can turn her sunburning body into a daywalker. But when she begins to learn who everyone is and how Elsie is connected to them, Especially to Warren, things get hectic. Think of it of meeting the Devil's daughter.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

For the night before had love, the morning did too.

The sun streamed through the edges of the closed curtains of the spear room in Hank’s parent’s house. The air was warm from our breath, well, Warren’s for I do not need to breathe. I gave a gasp here and there but it was needed.

I, Elsie, had my lover’s weight on me. His naked body on and in mine, kissing me and showing his passion like he had all those hours from the evening before.

Sleeping we did not. Being immortal has that privilege. We held each other all night, stopping and starting love over and over, laughed and gave a cry here and there. We’d blood shared. A vampire love thing. You feed from each other, means something more than sex. Shows your love for each other when you can’t use words. It was true. I loved Warren and there’s no words to tell and explain how much.

I went from a cry to a moan then a sigh to silence. His mouth over mine and his heart hammering against my still and silent chest.

I let out a breath just because I could and he smiled at me. He whispered something but I didn’t catch it.

He kissed me and then his mouth and tongue travelled down my throat, chest and stomach.

He came back up, licking up my body and I laughed a little, pulling him in and kissing him.

We rolled so I laid on him and I kissed his throat before I let my fangs snap out, bite him and had breakfast. Quick and easy.

“Could have warned me.” He said and I laughed a little, looking at him. He licked his blood from the side of my mouth and then I saw his vampire blue eyes. Bright and beautiful.

“I love your eyes.”

“They’re the same as yours.” He smiled and his green eyes came back.

“I love your lips.” I smiled, running my finger down them, “I love your body.” I said and he laughed a little, “I love you.”


“You. Warren, I love you and only you, forever.”

“I love you too. You, Elsie, I love you and only you for forever more.” He smiled and kissed me. His legs tangled in mine and I interlocked my fingers in his and he curled his around mine.

“Don’t kiss anyone while you’re gone.” He said and I smiled, kissing him.

“Not interested.” I smiled, “Just as long as you don’t, got it?”

“I won’t.” He said, “Plus, who would I kiss?”

“Machelle’s free.” I said and he laughed a little, “But I’m sure she would rather talk through it all.”

“She is a chatterbox, isn’t she?” He smiled and I laughed a little, kissing his neck. He kissed mine and then I felt him bite me. My blood rushed to his fangs and he pulled back. He kissed my cheek before my mouth.

“I think we should get up.” I whispered and kissed him.

“I think you’re right.” He said and I kissed him, “Or not.”

“No, we should.” I said and he laughed a little, kissing me, “Ok, up.” I said, sitting up and he smiled at me, his hands running up my sides, up and behind his head. He looked relaxed, happy with a big smiled, showing white teeth. He was charming. Handsome eighteen year old looking vampire. Now way was he eighteen though. Hundreds of years older and I wasn’t even seventeen yet. That was in about a week but tomorrow I was to go. To leave my friends and family. To go with a stranger. Valeric, Christina’s friend who she’s only met twice. Me, I’ve never met him.

“I love your body too.” He said and I smiled, “I love your eyes. blue, vampire blue and wolf gold.”

“Wolf gold? Did I just hear that?”

“No.” He said, sitting up and I laughed a little.

“You said that you love my wolf eyes.”

“No I didn’t. I hate wolves and Lycans.”

“You hate me?”

“I love tribrids though, baby.” He smiled and kissed me, “We don’t have to get up, you know.”

“No, we should. I need to call Frankie and Carter. I want spend the day with everyone.”

“Ok.” He said, kissing me.

“Babe.” I smiled but kissed him. He laughed a little, kissing my back, “I can’t stop.”

“I see.” He smiled and I pulled back, breaking from him and rolling out of bed, “You stopped.”

“Here.” I said, throwing his clothes to him. I dressed into the clothes from the day before and smiled at him as he walked to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me against him.

“One last day to have fun and be with you guys.” I said, “I’m going to call my brothers.” I said, getting my phone from the bedside table.

He kissed my neck, standing behind with his arms around me as I put my phone to my ear.

“Elsie.” Carter answered, “You ok?”

“I’m leaving tomorrow.” I told him, “I want you and Frankie to come to Hank’s and spend some time with me before I go.”

“Tomorrow? No, you can’t leave tomorrow. It’s too sooner.”

“I know but there’s nothing I can do.” I said, “Please come.”

“Yeah, of course we will.” He said, “Why tomorrow?”

“I have my power. I haven’t used it but that’s only because I don’t want to blast anyone I love. I need to get it under control. Also, maybe you could bring some clothes for me to take?”

“Yeah, ok. I’ll tell Frankie. We’ll be around in about twenty minutes.”

“Ok, see you then.” I said and he hung up.

Warren kissed my neck again and I put my hands over his, which were half down my shorts.

“He didn’t like that it’s tomorrow.”

“It’ll be ok.” He said and then drew back his hands, holding my hand and pulling me out. I closed the door behind us and we made our way downstairs. We walked into the kitchen to see James and Christina at the bench with Machelle, Kat and Finley.

“For people who don’t sleep, your sleep ins are getting to eight.” Finley said, “But we all need a bit of fun, right?”

“Right.” I said.

“Wow, more people.” Tony said, walking in with only a pair of black trackies. His hair was messy and he was rubbing his eyes, walking to the fridge to get out orange juice.

“Have a good sleep?” I asked and he nodded.

“Hi, Elsie.” He said, looking at me and then getting a glass.

“Hi, Tony.” I said and he gave a wave and then filled the glass, “You look tired.”

“You look perfect.” He said and took a sip of his drink, “Like always.” He said and looked at the others, “Who are they?”

“You know us.” Machelle said and he looked at her and Kat.

“What’s your name?” He asked and she looked at him.

“Machelle.” She said, “You know that.”

“I don’t think I did.” He said and we laughed a little, “I know Kat’s name. Him?”

“Finley.” Finley said.

“James and Christina.” James said, holding a hand up.

“You’re hot too.” He said to Christina said and she laughed a little.

“I’m Elsie-.”

“Sister.” I butted in and she looked at me, “Turns out I really do have a sister.”

“You look alike.” He said, “Where did you find her?”

“Darwin.” Christina said, “I was there but then came down to be with Elsie.” She said and I looked at her. That was the first time I’d ever heard her say my name.

“Darwin. It’s hot there.” He said and she nodded, “Crocs too.”

“Lots of crocodiles.” She said and he smiled, finishing his juice as Hank walked in.

“Morning all.” He said and looked at Tony, “Where’s your shirt?”


“You have more though.”

“I do.” He said and we laughed a little, “But all the ladies like it.”

“Go get a shirt on.” He said and Tony laughed a little, walking out.

“He’s cute.” Machelle said and we looked at her, “Little brothers are cute.”

“Thanks.” Finley smiled and she shook her head a little.

“Not all.” She said and he laughed a little.

“You're twins.” Hanks said.

“I was out before him though.” She smiled and seemed proud of it. We laughed a little and Finley wrapped his arm around her neck, pulling her in.

“Ok, ok.” She said, pulling back and pushed his arm off her.

“Knock knock.” Jake said, walking in with Jacob.

“Morning.” I smiled and Jacob smiled back.

“You ok?” He asked and I nodded.

“You ruined me.” Tony said, walking in, wearing a black shirt, making his sun tanned skin stand out.

“What?” Jake said.

“I’m wearing a shirt.”

“Take it off then.”

“No, don’t!” Kat said and we laughed a little.

“Frankie and Carter are coming around.” I said and Hank nodded.

“Thank goodness. I haven’t seen Frankie since, like, yesterday actually. He went to school.” He said and we laughed a little, “Do I have to go today?”

“Yep.” Hank said.

“I’m not. Frankie needs me here.” He said, “Ba.” He said stopping Hank as he went to answer, “No excuses, young man.” He said, pointing his finger at him and we laughed a little.

“I’m the boss.” He managed to get in.

“Ok.” Tony said and then turned to me, “Elsie, can I stay home?”

“Sure.” I said and Hank looked at me, “Why not? No one else is anyway.”

“Ha, love you more, sis.” Tony smiled and walked out.

“Sis?” Warren said.

“She was as close to him as a sister.” Hank said, “But nothing lasts forever.” He said, turning and getting a glass of water.

“You two?” Christina said and I nodded a little.

“Last year.” I said.

“Who else have you been with?” She asked and Jacob waved a hand up.

“We were close enough.” Jake said and I looked at him.

“No we weren’t. You forced a kiss here and there but that’s all.” I said.

“You were obsessed, man.” Finley said, “But you were nowhere close.” He said and we laughed a little.

“How long were you two together?” Christina asked, looking at Jacob and me.

“A few weeks before the car crash.” I said, “That put a few weeks in between and then another month or two.”

“Car crash?” She said.

“I wolfed out.” Jacob said, “I was driving to the ranch when I had my first turn. Smashed the car, making everyone think that I was dead, even my parents who knew I was a wolf. I didn’t know, they never told me.”

“What happened in the weeks gap?”

“I was a wolf for a month.” He said, “I watched Elsie.”

“I was kidnapped and he killed them men so I could get away.”

“You were kidnapped?” She said and then looked at James, “Did you know?”

“Not at the time. We all were out looking for her. Simon and Carter found her.”

“And me.” Machelle said.

“Who’s Simon?”

“Our dad.” Finley said, “A policeman, the head of the Swansea deputies.”

“And you killed them men?” She said and Jacob nodded.

“Kept watch on her.”

“Why did you always growl at me if you knew who I was?” I said and he shrugged.

“I didn’t think about it. It’s just what I did.” He said, “I got to her, we got close and we were meeting every few days.”

“I had no idea that he was Jacob. I just called him Wolf. The full moon came and he turned back.” I said and looked from him to Christina.

“You’ve known each other for a while?”

“Yeah, since we were kids.” Jacob said, “Our families were close, we were best friends throughout primary school, grade seven too and then she dropped it. Became hot and popular.” He smiled and we laughed a little.

“Elsie.” Machelle said, “You left him.”

“We still hung out.” I said, “Camps, weekends. New Year’s.” I said and he laughed a little.

“Guys?” It was Frankie, “Anyone home?”

“In the kitchen, Dumbo.” Tony said and I smiled and Frankie and Carter as they walked in.

“Hey.” I said, hugging Frankie.

“I’m never letting go, you know that, right?” He said and I laughed a little, “I don’t want you to go.”

“We talked about this.” I said and then hugged Carter.

“I’m sorry.” He said and I nodded a little.

“It’s ok.” I said.

“Elsie, remember the night when we were going to go out and hunt Conner?” Frankie said and I looked at him as everyone else.

“I do.”

“I didn’t want to go so we ran away, remember?”

“I do but I’m not running, I’ve ran too many times.”

“But it felt good. We watched the sunset on Lookout hill.”

“Until they got you and Conner came after me.” I said, “It ended with a whole day and night lost in that bush.”

“But it might end better this time.”

“You hunted Conner?” Christina said.

“Didn’t get him.” Carter said, “He got Elsie and she was out there for a day or more.”

“Wow, you did a great job.” She said to James.

“It’s hard when you have a teenager who never listens and runs away all the time.” He said and we all laughed a little, “I did my best.”

“Not really. She was kidnapped. She was lost and then she was killed. You did horrible.”

“Like you did better.” I said and she looked at me, “He’s done a lot more than you.”

“Without me, you would be a slave to Kaleb.” She said, “Do you know what he wants from you?”


“More. More like you but he doesn’t want to kill you. He wants tribrids who he can raise and train himself.”

“Ok but he’s not getting her, right?” Kat said, “And she’s dead, she can’t reproduce.”

“You never know. Some hybrids have been able to have children but it’s rare.” James said.

“Change topic.” I said and he nodded, “Let’s do something memorable.”

“Leavers party at the creek?” Hank smiled, “I’ll invite everyone.”

“Lycan trouble?” James said, “No.”

“They wouldn’t attack if there’s humans there.” Warren said, “Plus, we all will be there.”

“What’s a Lycan?” Tony asked and we looked at him, sitting next to the sink, looking at us, “And a tribrid? How were you a wolf? What’s a hybrid? Like a tribrid?”

“Sorry.” I said to Hank, “I forgot about him.”

“Elsie’s a tribrid.” Frankie said and then gestured to the door. They both walked out and I looked at Hank.

“I’m sure he’ll love it.” He said, “Don’t worry about it.”

“Ok.” I nodded, “So, party?”

“At the creek.” Jacob nodded, “Meet there, say, half an hour?”

“Yep, sounds good.” Machelle said and he made his way out with Jake.

“See you there, biscuit.” Finley smiled and walked out with Machelle and Kat.

“Here.” Carter said, holding a duffle bag to me.

“Thanks.” I said, taking it, “See you there?”

“Ok.” He nodded, “I’ll take the boys if you want, Tony too?”

“Yeah, thanks.” Hank said and he walked out to find the boys.

“Taya might have some things in her room.” Hank said and I looked at him.

“No, that’s her stuff.”

“Elsie, she’s not coming back to get it.” He said, taking my hand and walking out.

“Have you talked to her?” I asked. His younger sister by a year. She’d run away a few months before summer break. She’d slept on the streets. Only come home for money. Her parents kicked her out because she was only faking to love them for money. Acted good, promised to stay home until she got enough money for another few weeks. She’d live at friends places until their parents told her to come back home. She’d gone bad. Did what men and boys wanted for the money.

“She’s in Glenorchy.” He said and I stopped, looking at him, “I know but it’s her life. The hospital called me because dad and mum weren’t answering.”

“Is she ok?”

“She’s sick.” He said, “She’d been raped and bashed. Someone found her on the street.”

“Hank.” I said and he continued up the stairs, “I’m sorry. Will you go to her?”

“I want to but she’ll only rip me off again.” He said, “She has a home, she has a family and food, clothes, a bed, that she can come to. But she’s stupid and won’t come back.”

“Keep trying, please.” I said, “She’s young and she doesn’t know better.”

“She does though.” He said, “She just chooses to ignore the good. When she’s finished I’ll go to her. But it’s all the drugs and sex that she’s into, addicted to.”

“She can’t be like that forever. She’ll learn.”

“I hope she does.” He said as we walked into his sister’s room. It was like his, neat with a light blue feature wall. He walked to her wardrobe and I followed him.

“Tell me what I can do.” I said and he looked at me, “Maybe the others could help.”

“It’s not their responsibility, nor yours. Mum and dad were like her, you know. Mum still is from time to time but dad doesn’t care. They’re always gone but not together, they’re out with other people, doing different stuff. I don’t even know if dad’s my father. Or if Tony and Taya could be my half-siblings. It’s all just crap and messed up. Not your responsibility. Take what you need.” He said and I hugged him.

“I’m sorry, for everything.” I said and he hugged me back, rubbing my head a little.

“I’ll wait downstairs.” He said and I nodded. He walked out and I opened a draw to see Taya’s bathers. One-pieces and two. I got a black bikini and changed into it, putting my clothes back on over them.

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