A Little Adventure

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The wind cackled as it slipped through the trees searching for her.

Escape! Run!

Her blood boiled from exertion in opposition to her terror. Wasn’t her blood supposed to freeze in terror? Isn’t that what all the horror books said? She felt so hot!

Off with the heavy coat weighing her down. She had no need for it whims to guide her path.

The wind lifted her unbound red hair, waving it as a flag for her pursuer. No! She couldn’t let them see. She tried to tuck her hair away in her shirt, but the wind kept pulling it out refusing to let her hide.

She would just have to run. She couldn’t let them catch her!

If they caught her...

But where was she going? Where was there for her to go? The cloud parted giving way to the moon smiling down serenely on her frantic run and lighting up the field she was running through. The town seemed so far away. She had to make it there! Other people were saviors.

Behind her she could see her jailer easily jogging along without a care in the world. The moon showed off their elongated grin swimming across the planes of their face. The same grin that haunted her nightmares.

Why had she ever gone to them in the first place? She wasn’t quite certain any more as the memory was hazy. A beautiful fall evening and an enchantingly gorgeous building that looked like a quaint castle from a fairy tale. A smell of brownies baking and the laughter of a family enjoying dinner together. She was drawn like a pig was drawn to mud. One simply must go and look.

She wasn’t sure why, but she thought she might have entered with knocking. Why? Why had she not followed the common courtesy of knocking? Then again, why had she been out there in the woods. She really couldn’t remember anymore.

She tripped, the ground ganging up on her as well. Why was there a hole here? The logical part that was left of her mind reminded her that this was a field. There were holes in fields. Things lived in fields. Like bunnies. Stinking killers rabbits!

She pushed herself up not taking the time to dust off the dirt and pushed her stone legs to move.

Mechanically she forces the gears that controlled her legs to keep moving. To keep pumping blood even though she wasn’t sure if blood even went to her legs anymore.

Behind her, the menace seemed closer, but it was hard to tell. a cloud blocked the moon’s light from clearly lighting him up. She had to keep running! She had to make it to that town!

The town. Doors. Opening the ivy covered old wooden door in the forest to find that the radiant light that had been drawing her toward the house like a fish to hook was gone. The house was left in compete darkness. The echoes of the warm laughter of the family having dinner rang on the empty walls.

“Welcome to my house.” A voice whispered. “You are mine now. What is that old saying - ‘Till death do us part?’ No, that not quite right. Because even death cannot part us.”

The voice echoed through her head, and next to her. Her pursuers arms wrapped around her, grappling her. Holding her from running and holding her up.

She could feel their face next to hers. Their cold lips gently tickled her left ear as their voice said the last line line they said to her when she entered that house, “My dearest, you cannot escape death.”

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