The Neglection

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A dog was abandoned for biting three brothers. Then the mom throws him out and broke the puppy's leg. Then she called him a dumb dog. Will the three brothers ever get to have a dog again? Will their mom let them? What will happen? A lot of questions for you to answer, huh? Well, read this novel today to find out what is going to happen. You'll cry.

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Chapter 1


Max, a little, poor puppy. He is living on the rough streets with no mother. Someone named Jaxon, picked him up at only 5 weeks old.

"Awww. Poor little thing. I think I'm going to call you... Max. My name is Jaxon and welcome to the family.

"Mom!" yelled Jaxon as he came into the kitchen.
"Hmmm?" She asked.
"I found a puppy about 5 or 6 weeks old on the street." He responded.
"Did you name him?" She implored?
"Yes. Max." He answered.
"Dang it, Jaxon. But, he is kind of cute. Okay, where's Peyton and Jacob?" Asked Marina.
"I don't know. Peyton! Jacob! Come here!"
Peyton and Jacob ran into the kitchen.
"Ye-----" they started yelling, "AHHHHHHH!!!!! YOU GOT A CUTE PUPPY!!!! What's the name?"
"Max. 5 or 6 weeks old. Ain't he a cutie?" Asked Jaxon.
"Definitely!" They said.

Max was a trouble maker. A real trouble maker. He peed on the chairs, on couch legs, everywhere. But, no one could get mad at this little fella, until, he bit Jacob.
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