One Moment

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Chapter 2: Greasers Rescue

The walk to the Curtis' place wasn't very eventful. Dally mostly talked about some minor, unimportant events that happened while he was in the cooler.
"This one guy who was in the cell across from me." He said. "Was a complete nut case. He kept screaming that the red hand was going to get him." I smirked as I zipped up my jacket and stuff my hands into my pocket. It may have been a bad idea to roll down the window on the drive home from the jail, I was freezing now.
"I hate to asked how you managed to shut him up." I said as we rounded the corner before the Curtis' house. Dally smirked, searching his pockets for his lighter. He was about to say more when we heard yelling coming from ahead of us. We both stopped and listened for a second.
"That sounds like Ponyboy." I said. "Sounds like he's in trouble." We didn't even have to say anything before we were both running down the street towards where the noise had come from. As we rounded the corner, I saw Steve, Darry, Johnny, Soda and Two-Bit coming from the direction of the house. They ran down a street that T'd with the one we were on and Dally sped up to catch up with them as I slowed down. A group of Socs took off running for their car as we came down the street, and I stopped with Darry beside Ponyboy who was lying on the ground.
"Quit shaking me, Darry." Ponyboy was saying as I came to a full stop beside him. Darry stopped and mumbled a sorry as I knelt down beside Ponyboy.
"You OK, Pony?" I asked him as he sat on the sidewalk breathing deeply. He nodded his head and I could tell that he was trying not to cry. I gave him a sympathetic look as he took the cigarette that I was holding out for him to take. He handed back my lighter once he'd lit his own cigarette, and I lit up mine just as the boys came jogging over to where we were standing.
"Didya catch 'em?" Ponyboy asked.
"Nup. They got away this time, the dirty..." I rolled my eyes as I listened to Two-Bit rumble on, using every name he could think of to call the Socs.
Dally came up beside me and started to reach into the front pocket of my jeans for my pack of cigarettes. I slapped his hand away and pulled them out, handing him one.
"You could have asked." I said. "And why don't you use your own pack?" I added when I realized I'd just handed over my last one.
"Just cause." He said with a smirk before he lit it. "The kid's OK?" I nodded and stumbled out my finished cigarette, reaching into the pocket of his jacket for his pack. I smirked when he opened his mouth to protest.
"You took my last one." I said and took one before tossing them back at him.
"I didn't know you were out of the cooler yet, Dally." We turned away from each other and looked at Ponyboy.
"Good behavior. Got out early." Dally said as he handed over his lighter for me to use. I smirked as I lit up again and gave it back to him.
"More like they didn't want you anymore." I mumbled, but ducked when Dally tried to grab me into a headlock.
"Nice lookin' bruise you got there, kid." Two- Bit said as we all stood around. I watched as Ponyboy gently touched his cheek.
"Really?" He asked.
"Nice cut, too. Makes you look tough." I rolled my eyes and shook my head as we all sat down on the sidewalk.
After a moment, Steve spoke up as he flicked the ashes at the sidewalk.
"What were you doin' walkin' by your lonesome?" I looked down at he ground as Ponyboy answered, saying he'd gone to the movies. Darry didn't sound happy as he babbled on about him not using his head, or something like that. Soda interjected, and I brought myself back to the conversation just as Darry was answering Sodapop's remark.
"When I want my kid brother to tell me what to do with my other kid brother, I'll ask you- kid brother." But he shut up and I knew it was only because Soda had stood up for Ponyboy.
Ever since the Curtis' parents died in the auto wreak nearly a year ago, life hadn't been running so smooth for us. Darry became the caregiver for Soda and Pony, and what had once been rare arguments between the two of them, became a regular thing. I tried to held him out as much as I could, but he did a pretty good job of running the place on his own. The only thing he had me do on a regular basis was cook suppers, especially of the whole gang was going to be over.
"Next time get one of us to go with you, Ponyboy." I heard Two- Bit say as I zoned back into reality. "Any of us will." I smirked.
"Though not all of us could sit through a whole film without causing some sort of trouble." I said turning my head towards Dally. He just shrugged his shoulders and stomped out his cigarette.
The last time Dally and I went to the movies, he'd drank before we went in. It didn't end well, and I missed the one movie I'd really wanted to see.
"Speakin' of movies-" His sentence was cut off when he yawned, and I figured he was getting tired. "I'm walkin' over to the Nightly Double tomorrow night. Anybody want to come and hunt some action?"
"I'll take I'm not included in these action hunting plans." I smirked as Dally rolled his eyes.
"You know you can come." He said.
"Me and Soda are pickin' up Evie and Sandy for the game." Steve said and I reached into my pocket for some money.
"10 bucks again whatever team their playing." I said. "I've heard their doin' real well this session." Soda took the money and stuffed it into his wallet.
"I'm working tomorrow night." Darry said.
"How about y'all?" Dally asked the rest of the gang. "Two-Bit? Johnnycake, you and Pony wanta come?"
"Me and Johnny'll come." Ponyboy said. "OK, Darry?"
"Yea, since it ain't a school night." Darry answered as we all stood up and headed in the direction of the Curtis' place
"I was plannin' on gotten boozed up tomorrow night," Two-Bit said. "If I don't, I'll walk over and find y'all." I nodded and suddenly noticed Dally giving me a weird look.
"What?" I asked as I took a step back. "What are you lookin' at?" He was creeping me out with the way he was lookin at me.
"What happened to your face?" He pointed his finger at my left cheek, and I brought my hand up to rub across the raised skin that ran from beside my ear, down to the corner of my jaw bone.
"Sylvia happened." I sneered. "The damn chick doesn't know when to quit." Sylvia was this blond hair slim as a stick chick that Dally dated before we started dating just over a year ago. Her and I had come to one agreement the 5 years we'd known each other; we hated each other with a passion. She thought I'd taken Dallas away from her, and I always replied with he moved on to a higher class. To say tempers flared when we were put into a room together was a slight understatement. We had a tendency to fight out our problems with fists, nails and overly harsh words.
"I'll have a talk with her." Dally said. Sylvia had a tendency to cling to him whenever she got the chance, and more then once she'd annoyed him enough that he hit her, not hard. Just enough to make her back off. Dally was a lot of things, but he never beat up on girls.
"Naw, I think she got the message I sent her." I said with a smirk. Dally smirked back and shook his head.
"Better you then me." He said as we waved at the guys. It was almost time for supper, and we were all going separate directions.
I could help but yawn as we walked up the steps to Buck's.
"What do you want for supper?" I asked as we walked to the kitchen. "It looks like we have some hamburgers. Wanna start up the barbecue?"
"That thing is ancient!" Dally said as he walked out the backdoor. "I don't think it works anymore." I rolled my eyes and pulled the burgers out of the freezer. Chances were, the burgers were frost bitten, but I was hunger, and I'd eaten far worse in the past.

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