One Moment

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Chapter 3: Drive-in Disaster

The next day, I woke up to find myself almost on the floor. Dally had spread himself across the bed during the night, his head some how managing to get under his pillow, and leaving me very little space.
I groaned as I untangled myself from the blankets, and Dally's arm that was hanging over my back. I managed to get myself up and walked over to the dresser at the end of the bed. I pulled out clothes for Dally when he got up, and then grabbed my own clothes before making my way to the bathroom to freshen up.
Back when Daly and I first got to Tulsa, our plan had only been to stay for a few weeks to get some money before we kept going. We didn't really have anywhere we wanted to go, so the plan was just to keep traveling across the states, maybe even up to Canada. But thenone day, Mr. Curtis caught Dally trying to rob a small convenience store. I had been standing outside, and I'd started yelling at him to let Dallas go as he pulled him out of the store. He'd dragged the two of us back to his house. I still didn't know why he did it, but I was glad he did. But theirs was only one problem; our living arrangements.
Buck had given us one room to share, with a bed and a cot. The set up had been fine the first few months we'd lived in Tulsa, but once we got settled, things changed. Dally started meeting girls, and I started meeting guys. The set up didn't work, but Buck refused to give us another room, so we were stuck.
Even when we started dating, the sleeping arrangement wasn't good. It got worse when the cot started to rot, and we had to get rid of it. Dally and I were stuck in one bed, because Buck was too cheap to buy another one, and he refused to move one of the other beds into the room.
I couldn't help but smile as I thought of the first night we had to share the bed; Dally ended up sleeping on the floor.
"Hurry up, Mia!" Dally's voice called through the bathroom door. "We gotta get ready to meet the boys." I raised my eyebrow as I finished getting ready and made my way down the stairs to the kitchen. Dally was standing with the fridge door open, starring blankly at the contents inside. I looked over his shoulder and scrunched up my nose.
"I don't think there's anything to eat in there." I said as I started to close the door when I spotted the orange juice on the door.
"Except for that." Dally said and made a grab for it at the same time I did. It was then that we realized there wasn't enough in the container for the two of us to both have some.
Dally and I both starred at each other and I shook my head slightly.
"No, Dally I need something in the morning, you know that." I pulled the juice towards me, but Dally pulled it to him.
"That's about the worst excuse you can come up with." He said. "I haven't had anything besides water to drink for how long now?" We started to both pull the container towards the us, fighting for the last of the juice.
Suddenly, it slipped out of our hands and landed by the doorway to the kitchen. I was thankful that it didn't pop open, but then Dally pushed me out of the way.
"I don't think so." I jumped at his back and we both went tumbling to the floor, just out of arm reach of the juice.
"Get off me!" Dally said as he tried to scramble out from under me to the container.
"No! It's my juice!" I said as I slushed his face into the floor before getting up for the container. But just as I was about to reach it, Dally pulled my legs out from under me and sent me to the floor again.
Just as Dally was about to crawl over me for the drink, a figure appeared in the doorway and we both looked up to see Buck standing there looking down at us, his arms crossed over his chest.
"You know," He started. "For proclaiming yourselves as the toughest greasers around town, you can act awful childish." I watched with my mouth gapped open as Buck picked up the juice container and swallowed the contents after he'd opened it.
I huffed and dropped my head onto my hand, having propped my elbow up on the floor to try and get leverage to get Dally off me.
"Screw you, Buck." I snapped at him as he walked out of the room, and then tried to get up, only to find that Dally was still on top of me. "Get off me you 100 pound sack of potatoes!" Dally fell to the floor beside me.
We sat for a moment, leaning against the counter when Dally suddenly kicked my foot.
"What?!" I snapped.
"We could have just split the juice." I narrowed my eyes at him for a moment before I shook my head at him, a smile curling up the edges of my mouth.
"It's so nice having you back, Dal." I said. "It's just too peaceful when your not around." He smirked and leaned over to kiss me, but I put my hand up in his face. "Back off, morning breath. Not until you brush those teeth of yours." Daly grumbled and stood up, while I sat there a moment longer.
"And hurry up!" I called up the stairs. "We gotta meet the boys soon!"

Half an hour later, Dally and I were sitting waiting for Ponyboy and Johnny to show up at the corner of Pickett and Sutton. We were earlier then we'd originally planned, so the boys headed off to goof around town for awhile before the movie. A friend of mine walked by just as we were heading down the street, and I said I'd meet up with them later.
"So," Sara said as we slid into a booth at the local diner for milkshakes. "How's things with you? Been awhile hasn't it?" I smirked and nodded.
"Yea, things are goin' OK." I said and ordered a chocolate milkshake when the waitress came over.
Sara and I had gone to school for a little while together, but after the Curtis' parents died, I dropped out. So did the Dally, Soda and Steve. I could have stayed in school of I wanted, but the only reason I'd gone was because Mrs. Curtis had said that it was important. Dally and I had stopped going to school in New York; I don't even remember what grade we were in. But when we got to Tulsa and Mrs. Curtis found out about it, she got us into school with the rest of the guys.
"How's it going with Dallas?" Sara asked as our milkshakes arrived at the table. I shrugged and sipped at my drink.
"Same old same old." I said. "He's still causing trouble, and I'm still trying to keep him out of it." I huffed and smirked. "It's not goin' so well."
"I can't see that."
"Look over there." I turned my head to look a few booths down from us. Dallas was sitting with the boys, and saw them causing trouble.
"Dallas!" I called over, just loud enough to get his attention. "What are you doing?" He smirked.
"You have your fun, we have ours." He said, and turned to talk to Johnny.
"Fun, right." I turned away and looked back at Sara. "Their fun is being immature." Sara giggled and we finished our shakes while talking quietly. I watched as the boys let the diner and headed down the street.
"I don't want to know how they plan to waste time before we get to the drive in." I said as I pulled money out of my pocket and put it down on the table. "Probably gonna find some kind of trouble." Sara smiled and we walked out into the sunlight.
"Boys will be boys." She said as we headed down the street. "You still smoke?" I nodded.
"Yea, but I ain't got any on me, Dally snatched my last one yesterday." Sara sighed and we continued to stroll around town until it started to get dark.
"I better be getting to the drive in." I said as we came to a stop at an intersection.
"I'll come with you." Sara said. "I'm meeting Jason there before we leave town for a few days." I nodded as we crossed the street and headed cross country to the drive in.
Jason and Sara had been dating since I couldn't remember when, and they were always going out of town for a few days. Sometimes I wished Dally would be like that, but when I stopped to think about it, I was glad he wasn't.
"There's Jason." Sara said and I turned to see an old car sitting outside the drive in gate. "I'll see you later, Mia." I waved as I headed for the fence.
"Mia!" I turned to see Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally coming towards me.
"Hey guys." I said as they came up beside me at the fence. "I hope you didn't get into too much trouble." I said as Dally crawled through the gap in the fence. He turned to me and hung his fingers on the chain linked fence right in front of me, a smirk that radiated trouble crossed his face.
"Baby, my middle name is trouble, follows me like a curse." I smirked and slipped my fingers over his on the fence.
"No, your middle name is David, you just like causing trouble. So it follows you like a curse." Dally shook his head as I pulled back and ducked under the fence after Ponyboy pulled Johnny through.
The four of us walked across the parking lot to the seats in the back when someone whistled. I turned my head to see a group of boys hanging a little ways away by the fence, watching me with big eyes. Dally's arm was around my waist in half a second and one sneer sent all the boys turning their heads away.
"Possessive much?" I asked as we arrived at the seats. Dallas rolled his eyes, and I watched as they trained on something else down front. I turned to see two girls sitting there, and I rolled my eyes. "I'm just gonna go get myself some food." I said as I slipped out of his grasp and headed back to the concession stand at the back of the drive in.
The line was long, and I stood there waiting for 5 minutes before I got to the counter and ordered myself a coke and a bag of smarties. Just as I was leaving, Dally strolled in, nearly running me over.
"Watch it!" I snapped at him as I dumped some of the smarties into my mouth. "What's the rush anyway?"
"Just getting a few cokes." Dally said with a shrugged of his shoulders. "No big deal." I rolled my eyes and walked away from the concession stand, and down to the row where I could see Ponyboy and Johnny sitting talking to the two girls. It was only when I got up close that the red haired girl looked, and I sneered.
"Valence." I bit out sharply.
"Baker." She said back just as cooly. "Out of jail again I see." I smirked as I sat down on the other side of Johnny and rested my feet up on the chair in front of me.
"Still dating that drunk pig I see." Cherry's face turned a light shade of pink.
"He's not a drunk pig." She snapped then added. "And what makes you think we're still dating?" I rolled my eyes.
"First off, if you weren't dating, the first thing you would have done was say so. Second, yes he is a drunk pig. Stories get around when you get caught drunk at the lake." Her face went even redder as Dally came back with a coke and sat down beside her.
"This might cool you off." He said and I rolled my eyes. Sometimes he could just be a down right ignorant idiot.
Suddenly, I watched as Cherry's coke went up and splashed all over Dally's face.
"That might cool you off, greaser. After you wash out your mouth and learn to talk and act decent, I might cool off, too." Cherry and I might not get along, but I had to say I didn't mind that she'd tossed the coke into Dally's face. But then I watched Dally's face curl up in a dangerous smile.
"Fiery, huh? Well, that's the way I like'em." His arm started to wrap around her, and I was about to snap at him, but Johnny beat me to it.
"Leave her alone, Dally." That wasn't what I would have said, but it caught Dally off guard and he blinked his eyes in surprise.
"Huh?" He asked in surprise. I watched as Johnny's face paled a little and he gulped.
"You heard me." He said. "Leave her alone." I watched a scowl form on Dally's face before he stood up and walked away.
"Good job, Johnny." I told him, and gave him a pat on the back. "But I better go look for him. Later Ponyboy. Valence." I stood up and walked out of the drive in.
With a sigh, I started back towards Buck's in hopes that I might find Dally along the way.

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