A School For The Gifted

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Here I am, in the back of my parent's old car, heading towards hell. Why do I have to go? I had brilliant friends, I loved my teachers and I had a happy life. When Alexa Cross is forced to leave behind her normal life to go to Soraya Vardaesia Lumenia A'enara, she doesn't know what to expect. Strange things are happening, and she has a feeling, that it will only get worse. #1 The Becoming Series inspired by - medoran chronicles - Blackmoon beginnings - The Iron Butterfly/The Steele Wolf by - @Wolfgirl060, @Mclachlani55 & @sobolewskia cover by - @beforehours

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Here I am, in the back of my parents’ old car, heading towards hell. Why do I have to go? I had brilliant friends, I loved my teachers and had a happy life. But, no, I had to get ripped out of that life and into this boring one. Heading towards St Margaret’s Boarding school. Mum and dad are always telling me it’s a great school, that I will love it there. Yeah right.

We pull up in front of a big grey building, similar to what you would call a jail. So much for one of the best exclusive schools in America.

" You know what’s better, having a personal driver to drive me here to say goodbye to me instead of my mum and dad, thanks!” I mutter. Instead of waiting for my personal driver to come over and open the door for me, I get out myself and smash the door close, which sends vibrations through the car.

" Mistress Alexa, you know your mother and father have something really important going down right now.” As he opens up the back and pulls my luggage out.

“Yeah, something way more important than their own daughter, of course, how could I forget!” I go over and grab my luggage and start heading over to the place where I’m going to spend three of the most valuable years of my life, stuck in this ‘school’. That is until graduation when I’m 19 and can move out and get my own place. The only thing leading me on right now, thinking about my future in three years time.

" Mistress Alexa, it’s not -”

" Does it look like I care, because I don’t, bye.” I broke in and went inside without looking back. I know I shouldn’t have been that harsh, but I’m angry and hurt right now, so can you blame me for how I acted?

It wasn’t much better than outside, black, grey, boring! And where is everyone? I dropped my suitcase and started wandering around, not looking where I was going. Before I knew it I had tripped over someone’s foot. When I stepped back and looked around to see who it was, I saw what was most likely the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She had bright blondish-whitish hair, sapphire eyes and light skin. She wore a Hally-Silver dress with lots of silk waves. If anyone else was to wear it, they would look horrible, but she made it look perfect.

“Wow! Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry for crashing into you!” I jumped back, nearly falling over. Oops, I have always known for being the clumsy one. Guess I just lived up to my destiny for tripping over on my first day.

“It’s alright, sweetheart.” Wow, she even has a calming sweet voice. It feels like nothing can go wrong with her being here.

“You must be Alexa, right.”

“Alex,” I say instinctively.

“Of course, Alex.” She held out her hand, for a second I didn’t know what to do, but then I came back to my senses and shook it.

“Yeah, that’s me.” Shaking her hands twice, yeah, I tend to do weird stuff when I get nervous.

“Good to see you, dear, I’m Mrs Mabel and I’m the principle here, let’s go to my office so I can discuss some stuff about this school and give you your time table.”

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