Dreams from a popcorn seller

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Chapter thirteen: lessons start

It totally sounded like a sad goodbye.

Either way, I was so happy that I did a little dance around the room. I would become an acrobat, just like I wanted!

The next day after my makeup was done again, I gave Azul a sad goodbye hug and then climbed on the bus, using the money I had earned from selling lemonade. Azul couldn’t drive me that day because he said he had a meeting with somebody. He wouldn’t tell me who, though.

I took the stairs to the second floor of the bus and picked out a seat. I took the opportunity to see what was inside the suitcase that Azul gave me.

Inside was an instruction sheet with instructions for applying my makeup. Then there was a bag of the makeup itself. There were also some clothes, both casual and party cloths. Then there was a bag of healthy snacks for “emergencies.” Along with that, there was a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a pair of socks.

Once I was at the bus stop closest to the circus, I closed my suitcase and climbed out. Then there was a half a mile walk to the circus.

When I reached there they were already packing up all the last minute things onto their private airplane. Our circus has a private airplane when we have to go overseas.

Half an hour later I was sitting on a business class airplane seat while watching a movie on the small TV on the back of a seat that was in front of me.

I was watching Narnia, which was one of my favorite movies. I loved the first one the best. My favorite part was when the giant lion comes out.

When we reached Switzerland I grabbed my suit case and then hopped off the plane.

Switzerland is very pretty. There are very pretty mountains and hills if you go to the right place. There are also very nice foods to try, as I did during my journey there.

Mr. Gone said that we could not start lessons right away, since they had to unpack and sell tickets. Once things were settled then he would have Melissa show me some tricks.

I got even happier, if that was possible.

Melissa from Mexico was going to teach me. It was a dream come true.

It wasn’t like Melissa was world famous or everything, but everyone at the circus or at the circus shows would treat her like she is.

Mr. Gone led me to my new room. It was much better than the last one.

The bed mattress was thicker, for one thing. There was a nice closet with some acrobat suits, and then there was a table.

My life at the circus was just to get a whole lot better.

After everything was settled, Mr. Gone came to my room and told me that it was time for my lessons to start. He led me to the stage where the acrobat equipment was placed. Melissa was there, too.

“Well, Melissa, you know what to do.” Mr. Gone said. “Good luck!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever boss.” Melissa said as she inspected her fingernails. She was probably seeing if she had enough nail polish on.

Mr. Gone left the room and then Melissa began to speak.

“What the heck are you wearing?” was the first thing she said.


“That is not appropriate acrobatic wear.” Melissa said. “Go and change into the stuff in your closet.”

So I changed.

“Much better.” Melissa said. “Now, do a somersault.”

I could do that fine. But after that things began to go wrong. I could not do a handstand, or a cartwheel, and I couldn’t even touch my toes.

“You need lots and lots and lots of training.” Melissa said. “Let’s get to work.”

I had acrobat lessons every day, and little by little I got better. I was invited with the rest of the circus crew to go out for burgers and fries, and since I wasn’t practicing my acts for performing, I could squeeze in a little sightseeing.

One of the things I loved about the circus was that you could travel the world and see a lot of different places, try different foods, and meet different people.

But one day I ran out of money. I only had ten dollars left, and I wasn’t even close to being trained enough to be an acrobat.

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