Dreams from a popcorn seller

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Chapter fifteen: Mr. Gone discovers me

“Mr. Gone?” I asked, my voice shaky. How did he know?

“Um, what are you doing here?”

“I was going to your room to ask you if your wanted to go out for lunch and I found this.”

He waved Azul’s letters and notes addressed to me in front of my face.

“And this.”

He threw my makeup bag and instructions into my arms.

“What do you have to say for yourself? I fired you!”

“I really wanted to be an acrobat.” I said miserably. “Please let me continue my lessons. I’ll do anything.”

“You are a miserable lying brat.” He said. “Now go.”

“What does it matter?” I cried. “If I’m giving you money for the lessons, then does it matter if I work as an acrobat or not?”

Mr. Gone stopped. He considered the thought.

“I only get half of your payment.” He said. “Melissa gets the other half. After all, she is the one teaching you.”

“Then I’ll pay more! Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Fine.” Mr. Gone snarled. “Pay me twenty dollars per lesson. Now go back to work.”

It was just enough. Every two hours I worked at McDonalds I got twenty dollars. If Mr. Gone knew that then he would probably raise the price of my lessons.

So every day for a few weeks I washed and washed and washed until my mind spun and my arms ached from washing and scrubbing. To me, it was like pure torture.

Then one day Mr. Thorn gave me another job.

“Are you any good at math?” He asked.

“I’m not bad at it.” I replied. “Why?”

“Because I have a new job for you.”

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