Dreams from a popcorn seller

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Chapter nineteen: Going out.

The next day the whole family went out to town. Snow lined the sidewalk and kids were making snowmen. I had a sudden desire to join them.

“What are you looking at?” Daisy asked me. I shook my head.


We went to a place called Croissants for dinner. It was a French restaurant, although they had more than just croissants.

It was very fancy, with lace curtains over the windows that looked out onto the snowy streets. The chairs were very elegant, and I was scared about what would happen if I spilled food on them.

I looked at the menu and decided that I would try something called escargot, even though I knew nothing about it or what it consisted. As we waited for our food, I chatted with the rest of my family.

“So, Daisy, you’re a marine biologist?”


“What kind of creatures do you study?”

“I like dolphins and whales the best.”

Just then Mom tapped me on the shoulder. “Our food is here.” She said.

A waiter put a covered dish in front of me. I smiled at him to say thank you and he just sniffed.

I opened my dish and was horrified to see snail shells on my plate, at least ten of them.

“This isn’t what I ordered.” I said. “Who ordered this?”

“You did.” Dad said. “Escargot is cooked land snail. It’s quite a delicacy, you know, and very expensive, too, so it would be nice if you ate it.”

I looked down in disgust at the snails. I nearly threw up, right there, on the fancy tablecloth, but I managed not to.

“Oh, give them here.” Said Mom, taking my plate. I watched in horror as she poured the inside of the snails into her mouth. I gagged.

Lilly passed a small serving of her garbure, which is a type of French stew. I gave her a smile of thanks and sipped quietly.

After dinner we went to a few of the stores, where I got a pair of ice skates and some potato chips. My sisters and I shared the bag and we got thrown out by the manager.

“No food inside!” He said, shoving us out of the door. Giggling silently, we made our way back to the limo.

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