Dreams from a popcorn seller

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Chapter twenty: The big 20

I woke up on my birthday with a feeling that I couldn’t describe. I was twenty years old. I wasn’t a teenager or an adult, but in between.

I got out of bed, dressed, and went down to breakfast. Daisy wasn’t there yet.

I took a mug of hot chocolate and some toast when I noticed the pile of presents in front of me.

“From all of us.” Mom said with a smile.

I gave a smile of thanks and took the one from Hannah. It was a book called Robin Hood.

After opening my presents (Daisy had come down just as I opened her present) the whole family went out to a movie. We saw the new Star Wars movie. It was extremely violent.

After that my sisters and I went into the backyard and had a snowball fight. I was with Lilly.

Lilly didn’t talk very much, except for when she was excited, and when she was she would talk nonstop. But even when she was calm she was nice company, because even though she had a (mostly) silent nature, just being in her presence was nice.

I gathered up a big handful of snow and molded it into a ball. I was just about to throw it when I felt another, bigger ball fall into my coat. It slid down my neck and left me feeling very soggy.

“Urgh!” I said, hopping up and down. I shivered. It was not a very nice feeling to have a snowball go down your neck. I reached down into my coat and pulled out the snowball.

“Whoopsie.” Hannah said. She had a grin on her face.

“It’s on.” I said.

After the snowball fight we built a giant snowman. Daisy had gone out for a walk.

We used an eggplant for his nose, because we were out of carrots, and we used red peppers for his mouth. He had stones for eyes and two broken handles from brooms as arms.

Just as we finished Daisy had come back, licking a giant icicle. She leant on the back of our snowman and stuck the icicle in his back.

“Cool fort.” She said.

“It’s not a fort.” Said Hannah. “It’s a snowman.”

Daisy turned around and laughed. “Sorry Mr. Snowman.” She giggled and pulled the icicle out of his back. And then we all couldn’t sop laughing.

Overall, it was a pretty good birthday. In fact, it was the best one I had had in years.

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