Dreams from a popcorn seller

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Chapter seven: The sacking.

The next few days went by in a blur. There was no sign of the strange blue bearded man, and things were just as miserable as always.

I had been avoiding by boss since he had been trying to ask me about the man with the blue beard, which worked for about two weeks, until when he went backstage while the acrobats were doing their work. Unfortunately, I was there as well.

“Ah, Smith.” He said. He sat down on the futon next to me and began speaking:

“Now, you know when that circus critic began asking me about “that charming popcorn seller with the blue beard”? Well, you seem to know who he is, so would you mind telling me?”

I crossed my legs and looked at the door, hoping, just hoping that Mellissa from Mexico, the acrobat, would barge in and save me from telling my boss that I was a horrible popcorn seller.

But no one came.

“Well… he’s a man that—um, sells popcorn, and, er, he just happened to come in when I was selling popcorn, and he said he would help me out a bit.”


“Alright, alright! He was a mysterious man with a bright blue beard who came and sold my popcorn for me!” my face was red by then.

“So you were making somebody else do your job while you got the payment!”

“Basically yeah.”

“You—you—you’re fired!” Mr. Gone shouted out. He grabbed my arm and dragged me to my room.

“Pack.” He said, gesturing to my bag. Slowly I did as he said.

I packed my outside of work clothes, my hairpins, and everything else I owned. I left my uniform and my hat in the room, as I wouldn’t need it anymore.

As soon as I was done packing, Mr. Gone grabbed me by the arm and shoved me out through the tent’s back exit.

“Go back to your family.” He said, closing the exit.

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