My Life's a Lie - Part 1 of My Life series

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Kira was raised in a small cottage in the woods, away from people and with the nature and pixies around to keep her entertainment. But one night, her uncle comes in saying 'he's found her.' Who? Turns out her mother had hid her from her father for most of her life. Her father is only one of the Dark Lords in the world of fantasy. A king who despised human beings, they killed and slaughters his parents, put his home into ruins. Kira runs from him and his brother, who her father's sent out to get her for him. She runs but only crashes into a horse, who's only chased by the boy who she had never seen but was to soon fall in love with. Follow her on her crazy life of running, lies, war, power, kings and queens, romance and death. BOOK ONE, must read in order.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Part 1


Wood splintered with each hit of the sharp edged axe. The log underneath, awaiting the short pain to be broken in two. The axe rose with strength to hold up the heavy tool. It flew down in the air and smashed against the wood again. Cut clean in half, the wood would next suffer the burning pain of my mother’s furnace.

I always wondered why wood was one of the things in the world that burned the best. Apart from crumpled leaves or dry grass but wood was hard, solid. It fascinated me to why it was wood that got the gift to absorb the heat and burn like it does.

My breath came out through the pant and it was done. Another chore of the day. The wood was cut and I only had to stack it up and then bring a load inside for my mother.

I was deep in the woods but I was used to it. This was a weekly chore. I come out for wood every eighth day.

I took another big breath and then stopped when I heard a male voice calling out my name. Ezekiel. The guy who’s practically my dad. Loves mother like she’s the only girl in the world. That’s the love I would dream about having in my good nights.

But like everyone, I have those bad nights. Nightmares and I really don’t know what of. I remember flashes and parts now and then but that’s all. I see the back of a dark haired man. I remember fire being in the dream, red and burning flames taking down whatever else was in the dreams.

“Kieran!” My mind turned off then and I turned to see Zeke walking to me.

He had dark hair, as dark as the deep trees in the woods. The bark of the old and tall skyscraper trees. His eyes matched perfectly too. Deep and dark brown. His face looked calm enough, Uncle Ezekiel is a very calm and smart man.

“Kira, did you not hear me?” He asked as he stepped closer to me.

“Only then. I’m sorry, I was.” I stopped as I gestured to the pile of wood and he nodded in understanding. Very smart man.

“It’s just getting dark.” He said and I looked up at the sky. Dark clouds were in the distance, setting off different colours of purple and blue flashes. Green now and then too.

Now that I focused, I could head the loud thunderous sounds of the distant storm.

We were well sheltered from all the storms that do happen in the world. Of course, I still saw them as beautiful. Amazing with the colours, so much entertainment but then danger to be in the eye of the storm. I’ve heard of the death that the storms can cause, the chaos too.

“Come on.” Zeke said, softly taking my arm and I obliged in his order. I walked passed him and then he followed close behind me as I quickly got my coat, long and navy blue. A hood behind too and it went down as long as my legs, down to my ankles, if not to the ground.

Zeke had his own black one, his hood down as I liked it on.

I tied it off around my neck and pulled the hood over my head and started off through the woods with Zeke.

Beautiful woods of so many colours. The ground was dark grass but with each step, it would become alive and glow bright blue or green. Same if I was to touch a tree or plant. Their colours would brighten or if it were a plant, a simple flower would grow.

I never knew why nature reacted like that in our world though. But it surely was magnificent. Nature’s beauty herself.

A thin pencil outlined my sketch softly as I sat in front of the warm and raging fire. It was after supper, late and the storm wasn’t close but it’s tears were shedding down hard outside. Each drop hammered on the roof above but we were kept dry in our cottage.

Zeke had left after supper for his home in the village but mother was now at her oven, baking what she could for the fun of it.

I drew. I loved to draw and looking down at the pixie, I smiled. I had drawn many fairies but pixies were the small and harmful creatures that welcomed everyone everywhere.

The fairies had their lands, hiding among elves I guess. Mother never really told me much but I have my knowledge from my books, I knew both creatures preferred to be with each other. One because fairies and elves worked together. Elves guard the lands as the fairies took the skies. They protect each other.

I drew my pixie with long and skinny wings when all fairies and pixies had unique shapes and sizes. My pixie wore pink rose petals sewed up into a dress. Her long blonde hair up with only half in a plait as the other half, long and beautiful, travelled down her shoulders and down her body as she sat down relaxed on a rock. A dark pebble with a small lake in the background.

I was so caught up with finishing the last few curves that I jumped when the front door burst open but it was just Zeke.

No. He was rushed. He was drenched from his ride but why was he back?

“He’s found her.” He told my mother and I stood up and made my way to them as she was frozen, one hand wrapped around her opposite wrist out in front of her.

“Ma, what’s wrong?”

“It’s late.” She replied as she looked towards me, “How about you get to bed now?” She gave me a soft smile and I nodded. I walked to her and she wrapped her skinny arms around me in a motherly embrace. I returned it to her skinny and fragile body. Her hair, long and blonde like mine but hers was way longer. She was short though as I guess I was medium.

“Sleep well.” She said to me and I kissed her cheek.

“You too, mother. Night, Zeke.”

“Night, sweetheart.” He replied and I went to my sketchbook and packed up my things before I ascended the narrow wooden stairs and up to my room.

A small room with my single bed, enough blankets to keep me warm though. It was dark, the only light came from the triangular window next to my bed, the lights flashing from the clouds and lightning.

I placed my things down on my small table in the corner with my other pencils and books, my sketches up on the walls though.

I went to my bed and sat down, kicked my shoes off before I climbed under the sheets.

It was late but she never was one to demand things. I was always telling her that I’d be off the bed. And that’s whenever I was tired. I am tired now and I guess she knew that a little. Maybe.

In the darkness, my feet took me forward unconsciously and I found myself looking toward something. But what? It was so dark, I could see anything. No, I could just feel. I felt pain numbing at the tips of my fingers. I felt my heart jumping against my chest from the unknown.

I felt the dark magic in their air. More than one presence. I was not alone.

I turned my head but only saw the darkness.

I turned back around but then put my arm up as a light burst in front of my face. Warm and bright, orange and red, familiar.


My arm lowered and I saw the flames burning down a fortress. I stared at in horror, the darkness now only the sky as the kingdom burned. I heard the screams and yells from everyone. My urge was to run and try to help as many as I could but I couldn’t move my feet.

What was happening? Where was I?

Next I saw the answers. I saw the man in all my dreams. His back to me as his dark hair was in the same soothing wave and long to his jaw.

He had his arms out and the fire burning his hands and arms.

I need to yell to him. Tell him that he was burning but how could he not know?

Suddenly the flames on his hands and arms faded, absorbed. I watched, confused as he just stood there, watching as the castle and village burned.

“Help them!” A scream torn from pain came out of my throat and it took me a moment to realise that it was my own.

I stared at the man. Magic and darkness surrounded him within his presence. He raised his head up at the sound and I froze with my heart in my throat as he slowly turned and looked at me. For the first time, I saw his face. I was seeing his face. Dark devilish eyes. He was a strong looking man, nothing of the ugly short.

“There you are.” He whispered but I heard it. What? I looked at him in confusion and then my eyes went back to the kingdom as the screams stopped suddenly. Everything became soundless again.

What was happening? For the first time, I actually communicated with this dream being and now it just ends?

The light of the fire faded out and everything was dark again. I felt lonely and cold. I felt a sick pain in my stomach but then it was gone.

My dream had ended.

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