Black hole

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12 year old Katelin Anne has always struggled in science. Her mom thinks stargazing will help her. She never shows much interest until something dark appears in the night sky. Hiding it from her parents and sister she doesn’t realize that her life is about to change forever.

Adventure / Action
Jozy Bartis
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Chapter 1

Katelin Anne was 12 years old when she realized that science was NOT her specialty.

“Hey mom, I’m going to Jane’s house” she headed to the door.

“Oh no you don’t” mom started “you have to babisit Chloe this afternoon, remember?”

“Ugh” Katelin growned “do I have to?”

“Katelin” mom had her hands on her hips (she was serious) “you promised, besides I need someone to watch your little sister”

“Well I changed my min....”

It was to late for that. Katelin never got to finish her sentence. When she looked up her mom was already out the door and her and Chloe were all alone.

“Ugh” Katelin moaned “why doesn’t she listen!”

“You ok sis” Chloe asked patently

Without answering Katelin marched up stairs to her room. She closed her door and started packing.

“Are you running away?” Chloe was standing in the door way watching her.

“No” Katelin responded

“Then what ARE you doing?” Chloe asked

Suddenly Katelin had an idea. She remembered that her friend Jane had two younger brothers Chloe’s age.

“How would you like to go to a friends house?” She figured they would get along well enough considering they were all equally annoying.

So they went to Jane’s house. The three little’s kept occupied with each other. Jade and Katelin got to hangout after all, finally. Everyone had a great time until Katelin’s mom called.

So........that was the end of that. You guessed it Katelin was in BIG trouble.

“But mom” she argued “Chloe was having fun, isn’t THAT what matters?”

It was no use arguing. When Mrs Anne had her mind made it was hard to change it. Katelin was sent to her room, even though she was sure that she was too old for that punishment. Chloe got sent to her room all the time and Katelin didn’t want to be compared with her little sister.

Chloe ALWAYS got in to trouble. Infact that was probably Chloe’s favorite thing in the world! Causing mischief. She was only six and a curious little thing.

Katelin found herself scrambling through boxes looking for something. But, oh where was it. Katelin had remembered that she had inherited a telescope from her older brother when he went to college. But now she couldn’t find it. It had been broken so she put it somewhere, but now...

“Ah, here it is” Katelin whispered

She immediately got to work. Her whole room was filled with material, gears, screws, ect. She had scrapes of metal and glass. Wires were everywhere. She had no idea if this would work or not, but she had nothing else to do since she was grounded. She got to work.

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