Hurley Island.

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The Watering Hole


She forgot her water bottle at the enclosure, her mom was doing a load of dishes and asked her for Leanne’s bottle, Leanne makes her way back to the enclosure to get the water bottle. From the fence she could see the large tanks on Fred’s powerful back. Leanne is really happy they had the elephants, she thought they were adorable, her daddy told Leanne that the baby Elephant could live as long as Leanne.

She thought it would be pretty cool to grow up with a lifelong friend like that. Her little friend greets her at the gate usual, she places her trunk on Leanne’s face. Taking a moment to pet baby Leanne becomes distract by a strange scent. It smelled like burning rope, the scent came from the tree line where Beth and that Carley girl stand.

Curious Leanne walks over after scooping up her water bottle. She is surprised by what she finds. Beth has a cigarette in her hand! Leanne had snuck enough movies to know that Beth is holding drugs not a cigarette. Beth is about to put it to her lips when Leanne shouts.

“You idiot don’t do that!” Says Leanne. Beth looks at her sister and inhales one puff of the joint, sucking the smoke into the her lungs she exhales it in Leanne’s direction. Leanne’s eyes swell with tears, but she looks at the Carley who smiled nearby. Leanne is horrified with her sister, she feels betrayed and vulnerable. Beth passes the joint back to Carley who finishes it. Leanne yells at her sister.

“We are raised better than that, Beth if your not careful your going to end up like her.” Leanne points to Carley. Carley has a smug smile in the corner of her lips.

“What is wrong with me pipsqueak?” Asks Carley.

“Where to start, you are mean, fake and your probably a slut!” Says Leanne, she didn’t know where these words were coming from. The smile had faded from Carley’s face.

“And you dress like Dora the Explorer, you smell like elephants, also you have the worst haircut I have ever seen, and I didn’t know they made ten year old boys that fat.” Cuts Carley. Leanne’s face swells up with tears.

“Nice friend you have made.” She runs away from the enclosure back to the boat; Leanne can’t hold back she beings balling the second she enters the saloon. Kelly is in the galley tending to the stove, seeing her daughter plop onto the couch in tears Kelly goes over to comfort her.

“Baby what is the matter.”

“I hate Carley.” Mutters Leanne.

“What happened.”

“Leanne left out the part about Beth smoking, she hated Beth for doing it, but Leanne would never betray her sister, but she told her mom what she said to Carley, and what Carley said back to her. Kelly kisses Leanne on the cheek.

“You are not fat, you are perfectly healthy, in fact you could stand to eat a little more. As for your hair I love it it is cute, if you want something different we can try something else. Now I think you could use a bath; you spend every waking moment with that baby elephant. Come on you can use mommies tub; I will let you use my favorite bubble bath.” Says Kelly.


She felt bad for Leanne, no one had ever been actually mean to her, Beth will throw an occasional insult her way, but always apologizes for it. Carley walks behind Beth as she leads Fred’s out of the enclosure, Beth doubts that Carley will say sorry to Leanne.

Marty holds the gate open for Fred, he had grown used to the boys, yet he still seems skittish around guns. Beth felt lightheaded and found herself spacing out, she didn’t think one puff would affect her so much.

Walking through the gate she hears Marty radio their father.

“Dad we are on the move.”

“Rodger, we are in position proceed.” Says Jack.

They enter the forest with Fred trailing behind, his trunk keeps touching Beth’s shoulders. It felt nice and she felt safer with Fred around. She had her shirt tucked in but Fred likes to pull on the duckbill that her shirt formed. Elephants when they feel part of a herd grab the tails of the elephant in front of him. Beth likes the he thinks of her like family.

Beth looks at the flowers and trees as they walk and finds herself becoming distracted, but she keeps following Marty. “It is so much better in here than the forest.” Says Carley.

The scent of hemp burning causes Beth to look at Carley, the girl had lit up a second joint inside the forest. Marty turns around and looks at her, Beth expects him to say something but, he turns around and keeps leading them. With Marty’s eyes on the trial, Carley passes the joint to Beth who takes a second and longer drag. The smoke is too muchs for her lungs, passing the half smoked joint back to Carley, Beth hunches over on the trail coughing.

These coughs follow her all the way to the Watering hole. Marty was going to watch them from a vantage point, he wanted to kill a deer if he could.


He was looking at the watering hole at the ten or so gathered Elephants, he heard coughing. Tapping Mongos brother’s Bundi on the shoulder, they slip into the trees. They hear the coughing coming down the trail towards the watering hole.

Two young girls around 14-17 exits the trail, following them is a large elephant, it is bigger than any elephant at the watering hole. Devon’s eyes are drawn to the beasts tusks, they are solid white and look to weigh 100 lbs. each. The animal has a harness around his body carrying water tanks.

He gestures Bundi to sit and wait, the two of them observe. The older girl has a marijuana cigarette in her hand, her eyes are red. Devon finds himself attracted to both girls, then he can’t believe his eyes. The girl with the blonde hair drops her jean shorts and rips her shirt. Then she drops her bra onto the ground and her bottoms.

The younger girl with black hair did not strip fully, she wore a one piece bathing suit, her shorts and button-down shirt are place on a rock. The elephant follows her into the water. He watches as he walks always into the water, then the younger girl with black hair goes under the water, she swims around the elephant, she it isn’t until Devon sees the tanks filling with water that he understands what they are doing.

Devon is thinking of the best way to approach them when Bundi leaves their hiding space with a lustful look. The girl with black hair swam to the shore and her Elephant follows, Bendi steps in her path feet from her with a gun. Her eyes open in shock.

“You girls shouldn’t be here” Says Bundi in his African tone. “Come with me or I will kill you both!” The blonde girl stood up with her hands covering her breast.

“Get away from us you disgusting villager.” Shouts Carley

“He is not a villager, my family and our guests are the only ones who are suppose to be on this island. He is one of the poachers that my father is looking for.”

Bundi has had enough talking, he grabs the girl by the hair and uses his tongue to lick Beth from the tip of her chin to ear lobe. “I am going to saver every minute of this…” Devon averts his eyes, he wasn’t much into rape, but the men in his crew took their pleasures how ever they wanted. Devond supposes he shouldn’t care, everyone in the family that wasn’t killed was going to be sold on the market anyways. Why did it matter if the men spoiled them before sale.

“All alone in these woods, your father must not like you.” Then a loud trumpet is heard. Devon’s eyes are instantly drawn back to the scene, the girl had been knocked aside by the elephant, Devon had never seen one move so fast. The red trunk of the beast wraps around the Bundi’s chest. Bundi screams as it crushes his rips, the gun fires while Bundi’s hand is pointed in the air.

The gunshot makes the elephant enraged it smashed Bundi into the tree, the gun flies from his hand when Bundi’s body smashes into the hard tree. Devon is already in motion, the girl turns her head to see Devon coming at her, Devon is going to grab her by the waist and carry her back to their hideout.

As he has his arms outstretched for a tackle Devon sprints his low center of gravity will surprise the girl and allow him to escape the elephant. The last thing he expected was rifle stock to the nose!

Devon reels back but manages to fall to his knee, he rises to look at his challenger. It is a boy, he is older than the girl but still under the age of 17. Devon doesn’t let him point the rifle, crossing the distance with two large steps he grabs the rifle and struggles, being stronger Devon rips it from his hand, he tosses the rifle down and is going to tackle the boy down, when the flash of a steel knife causes him to step back!

Devon isn’t quick enough, the blade bites into his torso! The gash is pouring blood. The boy presses his attack and dodges two of Devon’s punches. ‘Who the fuck is this kids?’ thinks Devon.

Devon manages to get both hands around his shoulders. He knees the boy in the groin, he had to end this, but the boy didn’t give into the pain, he launches forward and bashes his forehead into Devon’s nose, he felt his nose buckle under the strain of the attack. Blood gushes down his torso in a river of blood.

Still with his hands on the boy he grips the kid by his shirt at the shoulder, Devon puts his back into it and sends an uppercut into the boy’s chin. The kid falls to the ground limp!

“Marty!” Shouts the girl.

Devon grips his pistol and points it at her.

“You are going to come to my hideout now?” Then Devon hears the sounds of several rifles being raised. The barrel of a gun is placed to Devon’s temple. The voice of a man speaks into his ear.

“Take that gun off my daughter.”

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