Hurley Island.

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Jack questions the Prisoner


His fist had turned the kids ribs to mush, Jack pulls his hand back, if he hit this guy too hard he risks puncturing a lung, which will make it difficult to interrogate him. They had set him up in the one of the cargo containers, it was empty because all their farm equipment is outside. It made the ideal place to question this man.

He had no doubt this man and his accomplice were going to defile his daughter, the thought of it builds anger in the pit of his stomach. Thankfully Nate returns with a wide piece of wood, two of his guards bring several cinder blocks into the container. The plank of wood is the width of this poachers body, it is laid onto the cinder blocks, the blocks are arranged at an angle with the head in the decline position, several jugs of water are brought into the room. The guards pick up the cowering kid and dump him on their makeshift table.

While they set up the tools, Jack looks over the prisoner. “What is your name?” Asks Jack while feeling the kids broken nose, he looks to be in his twenties, covered in piercings and tattoos. One tattoo of a sunflower with pink nut in the center, it looks like a Kola Nut found in the Congo, then he spots a tattoo saber over a horse on his wrist.

“Spent time with the Janjaweed have you thief? That explains why you were with that African. What is your name?” Just then Nate walks back into the container carrying a toolbox.

Looking at the kids face, he has four studs in his nose, his septum is pierced and his ears have two large gages that Jack could stick his index finger through. “Last chance to tell me your name…”

Jack puts his finger through the gage and makes sure to get a good grip, he tugs on it several times. “It is Devon!” Shouts the boy, he wanted to save himself. In any interrogation there should be a give and a take. You can't just start lopping of bits of a person, there is a fine art of pain mixed with fear. Jack would leave his face intact for now.

“There that wasn’t so hard. Devon your situation is a precarious one. The only person I hate more than you is your boss. I am not the U.S. government or someone who doesn’t negotiate, you give me something and will give you something.”

“What do you want to know?” Asks Devon. He looks up at Jack upside down as Jack stands at his head. Nate however stands to the left.

“That sunflower means you deal in human cargo correct, girls in particular.”

“I deal in all sorts of things.” Jack didn’t like the vagueness, he nods to Nate. Who puts a gag in Devon’s mouth and duck tapes over the gag. Devon’s eyes tear up, then he whimpers as Nate then hands Jack a pair of Knipex End pliers. Gripping one of his nose studs, Jack pulls hard!

Even though he is gagged Devon squeals! Jack smiles down at him to instill more fear into Devon, truly there is nothing about this moment he enjoys, but it needs to be done, it is us or them, god willing Jack was going to bring the fight to them. A small blood spot forms where he tore the stud out. Jack takes the pliers and grips another one. He sees Devon close his eyes in anticipation, pulling again causes him to try and sit up but his bindings to the table are too tight all he can do is whimper.

“Are you ready to answer my questions?” Asks Jack sternly. Devon shakes his head saying yes.

“I don’t know Nate, he doesn’t look like he wants to talk.” Mocks Jack as he grips the septum piercing with his pliers. Devon actively begins crying, he knows how much this would hurt, instead Jack looks at him and smiles getting another terrified look. “You ready to talk?” Devon nods his head.

“Get the gag out of his mouth.” Demands Jack, once Devon was able to speak he doesn’t stop talking.

“Yes, I have sold woman, we were going to sell your daughters, kill you and your sons and keep your wife for ourselves. You should all leave now, Mombo is ruthless, you are playing interrogator I have seen him torture hundreds of people, enslave entire villages you are nothing to him.”

“How many of you are there?”

“20” Says Devon. He knows Devon is lying there is no way Mombo has more than ten men, poachers wont work with too many people, more men the more likely someone talks. In Africa most of the time a poacher is caught they are just knelt down into a ditch outside of the village. There is no jury or court system, you have problem you fix it the easy way.

“Nate I think this young man is thirsty let’s give him something to drink. Nate holds a rag over Devon’s struggling face. Jack lifts a jug of water and steadily begins to pour it on Devon’s face. Jack kept this up, the mental torture of this wears on Devon, halfway through pouring a third jug of water onto Devon’s covered face the smell of something foul creeps through the room.

“Look the mosher shit himself.” Says Nate humorously. Jack pulls the rag off his face.

“No more” begs Devon once he had coughed up the water.

“How many are there?”

“7 counting me, 8 counting Bundi, he is Mombo’s favorite brother.” Says Devon.

“Are you sure?” Asks Jack.


“Give me their names.” Presses Jack.

Devon rattles off names of people he gives Jack seven names. Jack looks at Devon, he is going to have to hurt him with the next question. But it was necessary if they were going to trip him up.

“How many of you are there?" Ask Jack once more.

“7 counting me.” Says Devon annoyed at being asked this question again, Jack grips his gage and before Devon could protest, Jack pulls the metal clean from his ear! The earlobe tears in half! Devon's blood comes gushing out… Devon screams the loudest he had all night.

“Devon I think I am starting to get used to your screams” Mocks Jack.

Jack and his brother Nate interrogate Devon way after sunset. Over and over they asked him the same questions, never had he asked for the location of this Mombo. In doing so Jack learned many things, for starters, Devon and his leaders brother were checking their traps when they caught Carley and Beth smoking Pot. He didn’t know if he believed that, but he would drug test both girls to be safe. Jack also learned there was ivory valuing tens-of-millions here on the island... Then came time for the last question of the night, by that time Devon had only the septum piercing left, Jack even found out Devon had a Jacob's ladder, it only had two rails in it, but Jack plucked both railings at enormous pain to Devon. Devon lacked several teeth and nearly all his fingernails.

Jack wasn’t a total bastard he had prepared a powerful painkiller to knock Devon out. Jack would dress his wounds, but he was putting him out because he intended to castrate Devon. Okay maybe he was taking this far, but he didn’t give shit. Still Jack would rather Devon not die in the process from a heart attack, he read about the castrations that Saddam’s henchmen preformed, many of the times they did not use General anesthesia and the people died of septic shock.

Jack didn’t tell Devon this, he did inform Devon that he was a doctor. “I am going to give you some anesthesia, it is going to knock you out for several days, I will patch you up. By the time you wake all of your co-workers will be dead, depending on how you answer this will depend if we let you leave the island.

“Where is Mombo located?” Asks Jack.

“Northeast corner in the caves, or in the strawberry orchard on the southwest. He will be in either hiding place.” Says Devon defeated. Jack had already injected Devon with the painkiller and he drifted off to sleep. “Nate get my portable surgery light, it is time for us to tend to the patient.” Says Jack.

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