Hurley Island.

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You know what hits the fan


Beth and Carley sat in the galley of Uncle Nate's yacht, one of Uncle Nate’s guards lingers in the room. They were under orders not to leave. Marty is below being patched up by the ships medical officer. He sustained a concussion, by far his worst injury is to his chin, it was the result of the uppercut that knocked Marty out. The wound requires stitches and medication.

Carley gets impatient sitting here, she gets up to leave, the guard steps in her path. “I have to use the bathroom.” Says Carley. The guard points to the small day head off the corridor of the galley, he opens the door to show a small space with a toilet. He points gesturing Carley to use it. She rolls her eyes and takes her seat on the stool next to Beth.

The two of them had been sitting here for hours. It is a short time later that Beth’s father Jack enters the galley. He is alone, in his hand are two cups, they have labels on them, being a yacht it has the ability to drug test crew members on sight. “I want you to pee in this cup.”

Carley begins to fidget, Beth does not understand why her father is asking her to do this. Carley stands up and says. “Your not my father, who are you to tell me what to do!” Jack looks at her in the eyes, his stare is cold, and Carley quiets down.

“Your right, you are not my daughter if you were I would be ashamed, my daughter spends one day with you and I am finding myself drug testing her. In any case this drug test is bigger than you, it proves whether or not we can trust the information the prisoner gave us. Dale…” Jack had turned to speak to the guard.

“Please walk Carley to her quarters stand guard outside she is not to leave until Nate returns.” Soon Carley walks out of the Galley with the guard trailing after, only Beth and her father remain in the room. Knowing that she is in trouble Beth stares at the ground.

“Beth go into the bathroom and get this over with.” Beth takes the cup from her father and goes into the bathroom. He didn’t even look at her when he took the cup from her hand, he does speak to her. “Go back to the Hammer to your cabin.” That is all he said as he leaves the room.


Entering sickbay Jack sets the cup on the counter, the sickbay is small, there is one room that doubles as an operating room and recovery ward, a lab and computer terminal that controls the various equipment. Through the glass separating the ward from the lab, Jack sees Marty being tended to, the ship's medic looks at his pupils with a flashlight, Marty had already received his stitches. Inside the room with him is a concerned Leanne and his mother Kelly. Kelly’s brown hair drapes over the face of her second born child.

Jack is inside the lab he is running tests on Beth’s urine to see if the chemical THC is found. He heart sinks with disappointment as he sees the test yield a positive result. Leaving the lab, he makes his way into the next room to see his son. The medic has finished examining Marty, he had filled out a chart. “Thank you for you help.” The man nods his head as he leaves the room. Jack looks at Marty’s chart.

“Well slugger looks like you have earned yourself a few days rest.” Says Jack with a cheery tone. Marty look away from his father’s gaze, there was a tear in Marty's eye.

“Son what is wrong does something hurt?”

“I let you and the girls down, I failed when I was needed the most.” Says Marty. Jack looks at his teenage son in the eyes, he offers a warm glance.

“Son fighting a full-grown man and living to tell the tale is something that not many fourteen-year-old boys can boast about. You held that man off until we could get there, I am proud of the man you're becoming, we all are." Marty looks around at his family members, he becomes aware in his haze that Leanne is by his bedside.

“You’re here, I thought you hate me.” Says Marty.

“Stop that, I don’t hate any of you I was so worried when they brought you in. I love you and I am so happy you were there to save Beth, please be more careful.” Marty is caught off guard as the youngest member of their family wraps her arms around his waist. Kelly chooses this moment to hug Marty and Jack ruffles his hair. The praise and the love of the moment are too much for Marty’s emotions, he had always been a bit of a loner, he begins to cry. But instead of criticism his family continues to offer praise and hugs.

Jack leaves them when a radio transmission had come in from the jungle, it was Nate. Jack leaves sickbay and finds that Nate is due to return in five minutes. Jack meets them at the pavilion, a fire had been lit outside to provide some light. Nate is dirty and covered head to toe. He looks energized and alert.

“Jack we found that there are poachers in both locations. We should take two teams and hit them quick and dirty before sunrise.”

“Let’s do it. Get your men ready, I am going to get Ted, I want him along for this.” Says Jack.

Ted is been placed into Nate's team, Nate’s team, or Alpha team would have three of his guards and Ted. Bravo team or Jack’s team has two of Nate's professional hunter's, and two of the yacht crew members. Jack and his team are outfitted with Kevlar vests and semi-automatic rifles. He has a backup pistol and eight magazines of ammunition for his two firearms, all ten members of their two-team strike operation all are armed in similar fashion.

It took an hour of silent marching before they were outside the Strawberry orchard located on the Southwest of the island. It is also coincidentally propped against the mountain that Paul crashed the drone into.

Jack watches the ground for traps, they had spread out along the pass, Jack searches the bushes, 20 yards away Jack spots an opening in the thicket. He approaches it, but one of the yacht crew members steps in the wrong spot, a bright motion light kicks on, in seconds the gunfire rips through the air!

Jack and his men seek shelter behind the bushes, one of the professional hunters named Ray took a round to his thigh, Jack had grabbed him and sought shelter behind a thick log. The wood holds up against the bullets. Jack is able to spot where this source of gunfire is coming from, a sentry had posted up and hidden himself on top of the mountain. From a small lip, he fires on their position.

Two other men slip out of the thicket entrance and dart into the jungle on the left. Jack and his men try to pursue but are stopped by the person in the vantage point. As soon as Jack ducts down a second time, his ears pick up the sound of gunfire coming from the Bay!

His protective instinct makes him reckless, with no regard for his life and without thinking Jack stands up, the bullets seem to miss him as he hurdles himself over the log. Jack already has his rifle shouldered, the moon peeks out from the clouds and briefly illuminates the man on the cliff, Jack has a line on him and holds his breath and squeezes his trigger!

Indrid is Mombo’s man that stayed behind, he fires down from his perch, he clipped one of the men but he can’t hit this white man with black hair. Try as he will, all his shots miss, then when Indrid finally lines his crosshairs over Jack’s heart he heard the glass of his scope crack and then there is nothing else!

Jack had shot him through the scope of his rifle, but he is already sprinting through the woods towards the bay and the sounds of machine gunfire. All the while he worries, how could he not anticipate that they too would strike in the early morning!


“Okay buddy, you and Gordon are going to wait outside the cave. This is the only other way out. We are going to flush the guy out here, when you see him take him out!” Says Uncle Nate giving Ted his instructions.

To say he isn’t nervous would be an understatement, Ted is downright terrified. Ted and Gordon are spread out, both of them are thirty yards from the cave. The seconds tick by like hours, then from inside the cave Ted hears gunshots, the sound only travels to their location it is muffled by the thick walls of the cave.

Then a man emerges from the cave, he is black with long matted hair, he is covered in tattoo, he holds an AK47 in his right hand in his left is what looks to be a grenade. He tosses it into the cave, and runs, the explosion unbeknownst to Ted knocks his Uncle over and injures one of Uncle Nate’s guards.

Ted has his rifle ready and squeezes the trigger, Gordon does the same both of their shots enter the man's shoulder and knocks him to the ground. Ted runs over to their injured combatant and steps on the weapon and kicks it from his hand.

He tries to draw a knife but Ted is waiting with the butt of his rifle, smashing it into the mans’ face causes the enemy to become momentarily stunned!

Seconds later Uncle Nate emerges from the cave with a blood thirsty look. His pistol is unholstered, his rifle hangs from a rig on his chest, the straps that hold the rifle look frayed from the grenade. Uncle Nate presses his pistol to the head of the injured man and fires! Executing the man in cold blood!

Ted covers his mouth in shock. “There is no time for this boy, the Bay is under attack, the bastards slipped by us!”

The Ted’s ears pick up the sound of gunfire coming from the bay, his adrenaline from earlier failed to allow him to hear it in the distance. His family, he has to protect them, they were closer than the orchard. Ted sprints from the cave and outpaces his Uncle and his men. The sun had started to raise as he hears the continued sound of the gunfire coming from the Bay.

Then there was silence around the island. The gunfire stopped, that is what worried Ted, the silence means the fight at the Bay was over!

Toto: Dimba’s brother, Dimba is the leader Mombo’s right hand man.

Dimba breaks from the dock, over his shoulder is a pretty girl with black hair, they took her from her cabin inside the catamaran. She struggled at first but one good zap from the taser stopped her from struggling.

They tried to get on the yacht but the crew repelled them, when they ran away from the dock the cook tried to get in their way, he hit HaHa in the shoulder with his cleaver, but they had shot him in the head and after slitting the throats of two guards, the only other resistance they met is from the yacht crew, Dimba succeeded in shooting the Captain before they exited the catamaran.

HaHa keeps pace with Toto, HaHa is from the Congo, he got his nickname because he always laughs when cutting the ivory off an elephant or rhino. He is currently hackling up a storm, he loves when they take woman.

“Shut up” Says Dimba stopping, he shouts in HaHa’s face. They have three miles to go before they meet Mombo at the cave on the Northeast of the island. All three of them are winded from the assault on the enemy compound and the sprint through the Jungle.

“I don’t think they are following us. Let’s keep up the pace.”

Toto knows what their plan is. Take one of the children, have the parents surrender, than kill them all once they are disarmed. It is one of the simple yet violent plans that Toto is used to executing on Dimba and Mongo's orders.

They enter a clearing and something about this open area surrounded by thick trees makes him nervous, they were rounding the mountain and were higher up than other area’s the rush of the nearby river is heard. Dimba who is carrying the girl doesn’t seem to return Toto’s feeling of anxiety so Toto pushes the feeling from his mind.

Then Tato hears the sound of a metal shell bouncing off a rock next to him and Dimba, Haha is twenty yards ahead looking over the ridge. The sound had come from a grenade, it admits a bright light making Tato shield his eyes.

Distracted from the flashbang, Tato felt something heavy smash into his gut, it is a powerful foot, the force of the attack knocks Tato to his ass gasping for air. Then Dimba tires to shoot the aggressor who had managed to wrestle the girl away, she now dangles over the shoulder of a boy, he is no older than 16, but the morning sun shines down illuminating his eyes, they are red from the strain of the night, yet he looks strong, Dimba starts forward but is stopped.

“Bang!” One shot from the boys 45 caliber pistol knocks Dimba down, Haha runs down to fight but the boy slides down the hill! Tato, grabs the boy's shirt and the three of them tumble through the forest and they stop short 100 feet later…

The boy is on his feet but is dizzy from their fall, they are on a narrow piece of ground, nextdoor to them is the rush of the river, there is a waterfall forty yards away, it is a twenty-foot drop to the lagoon below.

“Get the fuck away from my sister.” Says the boy he still has his pistol in his hands, the rifle attached to his chest had been ripped off by the forest during their fall. Tato, reaches for his pistol, he felt the bite of the boy's shot in his gut!

Nonetheless Toto keeps his arm moving. He felt his right knee drop to the ground but he fires his 9mm pistol! It strikes the boy right in the midsection!! His sister braces the boy, who still conscious and not yet dead, the boy fires once more, at the same time.

Tato hears his brother’s voice coming through the forest. That is the last thing Tato hears as he falls to the ground lifeless.


Ted has been shot!” She holds onto him as his body goes limp, Ted has fired a second shot at one of her kidnappers! He stuck the man in the skull, Beth looks around for help, she spots the other two kidnappers! There is no escape they have her cornered by the river. Beth sees them emerge from the tree line, the one who carried her looks at the body of his dead comrade and howls loudly!

Beth plunges into the river, she feels shots zipping by her under the water but soon they are caught in the current, Beth holds on tightly to Ted. They are carried to the waterfall, her heart leaps into her stomach when they drop over the side, rocks are coming up fast but somehow the pair of them miss the hard obstructions!

Beth keeps Ted afloat and kicks her way to shore, Ted is on his hands and knees. Beth wonders why she hasn’t seen blood and why he isn’t more injured, he is definitely hurt but looks very far from dying. Then she sees why, Ted had managed to hold on to his gun, he leaves it on the sandy shore and flips over on his back.

Ripping open his shirt Beth sees a Kevlar vest, she breathes a sigh of relief until Beth spots the mark the bullet left, in a diameter of ten inches Ted’s skin is black and blue! Beth helps Ted into the forest they need a place to lie low and catch their breath.

After half a mile of walking Ted can’t walk any further, Beth needs to find a place to hide. Then she spots a massive tree, it is hollow, dragging Ted inside, Beth uses his flashlight, it was huge, this could easily be lived in, it was more of a cave than the hallowed out section of tree, then as Beth is walking her foot stops on something, it felt man made. Moving the dirt out of the way, Beth finds a trap door.

Pulling on the hatch Beth finds a set up concrete steps, Ted holds onto Beth for support, she uses his flashlight and at the bottom of the stairs she finds herself in a cavernous room, then to her surprise she finds a chest in the corner of the room. It is old and looks to be rotten, Ted leans against the wall to catch his breath. “What is inside that chest” asks Ted Beth walks over to it, she has the only light. Shining it on the chest, she finds it has a lock, but it is rusty, she is able to snap the lock off, inside she finds papers, the papers say U.S. Steel 1900. But under the papers she finds four gold bricks and three bags filled with gold eagles.

“What is it Beth?”

“It is treasure!” Answers Beth.

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