Hurley Island.

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Concerns of a worried father.

Jack: Father of the five Hurley Children, returning from Jungle...

The sun had fully risen by the time he trudges into camp. Jack is winded and his arms are sliced open by the branches and thorns he recklessly sprinted through in his desperation to reach his family. His fears are heightened by the sight of two bloodied men under the shade of the pavilion, two more shapes of what look to be people are covered by blood spotted white sheets.

Jack’s medical bag is outside and Kelly sprints towards him. Her brown hair blows in the wind, her face is red and her eyes strained. “Jack it is Beth, she has been taken!” Blurts out Kelly. Nate had just run up to them from the otherside of the compound..

“How long ago?” Asks Jack

“I don’t know they went East.” Then from the East a sound of a gunfire shakes them all from their moment of fright.”

“Who is still unaccounted for?” Asks Jack.

“After a second of panic Nate says, “Only Ted is missing.”

Jack slings his rifle over his shoulder and makes for the fence, Nate stops him.

“We have injured people that need your help or they are going to die, four men have been shot. Let me take Dale out to the jungle we will get a trail and radio back!”

Jack is livid but he is too emotional to be out in the woods anyway, he would be more use here. He runs to his bag, next to the bag are sterile wipes, once his hands are clean, Jack puts gloves on and looks at the worst of the four patients. It was the cook, his wound is pretty nasty.

The entire time Jack works on the wound, he wonders about Beth. No other gunshots had been heard, an hour into the surgery Nate radios in.

“We found a large blood spot on the beach, based on the impression on the ground, it looks like Teddy killed one of the poachers, there is no body only blood.”

“Were they taken?” Asks Kelly.

“It looks like they jumped into the river, the imprint of their shoes shows no drag marks and it ends at the edge of the river. They must have gone over the waterfall, we are going to look below, it looks like they could have survived it.”

“Let us know as soon as you find anything else.” Says Kelly nervously.

Like his wife, Jack worries about Beth too, he is just finishing a cross stitch on the cooks wound, he changes out gloves and moves to his next surgery. All the men needed blood transfusions, the ship's medic has nearly everyone’s blood type on record. The crew members that had not been injured were more than willing to donate blood for the surgeries.

Jack feels guilty about how he treated Beth, in hindsight trying reefer once is a pimple of a problem compared to the gunshot of having a kidnapped daughter. She must be scared, Jack hopes that Ted was able to get away. Jack pulls the bullet out of the leg of the ship's crew member, when Nate breaks in with another transmission.

“Kelly, we found the kids prints, we are covering them up and going to pursue.”

“Negative we don’t have a map on that area yet, hold up where you are I will find you after I am done here.” Says Jack, if Nate found their prints than they must have sank deep into the forest.

“Roger, we will hold fast. Out.” Says Nate.

Working that much faster, puts the last stitch into the man. He has one patient left; he is one of Nate’s guards that got shot in the cave. One of the men, had told him that during the raid on the cave Ted and a guard killed the only poacher in the hideout.

‘Damn’ he thought. Ted isn’t even sixteen and he has killed two men, he wondered as to the mental state of his son. Was he scared or sad, would he need therapy, or could he separate his feeling from what needed to be done for survival? Jack had known soldiers that had killed in combat, it is normal to feel sad or scared it was another to not be able to be able to work through it.

This last surgery seems to take forever, or maybe Jack is desperate to get to his children, but he notices that he can’t stop the bleeding, then he then concentrates and spots a small nick in the artery, Jack slowly sets to work and after another thorough search for anything odd or wrong, Jack finally closes the wound. He doesn’t even shed his bloody gloves; he looks at the other medic.

“You think you can manage the post op?”

“I will be fine Dr. Hurley go and find your kids I can get these guy into the cabin and resting.”

“Good man.”

Jack’s bloody gloves stain the polymer handle of his assault rifle, he doesn’t care, his mind is sharp at hand. He leaves all the remaining men at the Bay, he gave them some of Paul’s Adderall. Paul is a hyperactive kid, and when they lived in America he had trouble focusing in class. Jack hated putting him on those meds, he walked around like a zombie.

When Jack decided to take his family around the world he put the meds away, there were still times Paul got excited and he needed a pill to settle him down. Jack would save it for days like a trip to Disney or a family wedding. It was for Paul’s own safety, he could get so worked up and excited he could get in trouble or even pass out from his elevated heart rate.

Jack gave the crew Paul’s Adderall because he would not risk another attack having anyone asleep would put the family in danger, that is also why Jack is going alone. He would not pull more eyes from the Bay.

It took him thirty minutes to reach Nate’s position, most of the time was spent climbing down the rocks near the waterfall, a light from the darkened forest shines in Jack’s face. The sun couldn’t fully penetrate the forests thick foliage. The source of the light is Nate, he is using a flashlight to draw Jack closer.

When he makes it to his brother’s side he sees why, there are two large sets of adult footprints following Ted and Beth’s prints. “These aren’t yours?” Asks Jack with a rhetorical whisper. He and Nate say nothing further as they sink deeper into the forest.

Ted: Jack Hurley's Son. Five hours after finding the treasure.

Using a branch from a tree he covers their footprints; he then uses his shoes to walk a separate path away from the hallowed-out treasure tree. To avoid putting print that lead back to the tree, Ted balances himself on the thick exposed tree roots. On the way back Ted decides to check the two snares he places one the south side of the tree.

To his delight one of them worked perfectly, inside the rope snare is a fat rabbit. Ted takes his pistol from his holster; he grips it by the barrel. He flips it in his palm, so the sights are pointed out and the magazine handle is pointing to his bicep. Ted says a silent prayer and strikes the rabbit hard on the skull! With it stunned Ted, grips the base of its neck and pushes the skull up at the same time he pushes on the spine, and adding a sharp twist and it all over!

After holstering his pistol and with the rabbit dead, Ted uses a sharp stick to dig a hole, he then begins gutting and skinning the rabbit. Ted takes the guts uses the stick to push them in the hole he dug. He didn’t want the poachers finding his gut pile. After covering his mess, Ted takes up the carcass and makes his way into the tree.

There he finds his younger sister, she is asleep near the wood pile, they had a fire going inside the tree but were careful to keep the flame smokeless, the tree functions as a natural chimney. Ted cooks the rabbit over the fire, when the meat is almost done, Beth begins to stir.

“Hi Beth how are you feeling.”

“Tired, my body hurts and I am hungry, where did you get that? Asks Beth amazed, she acts like Ted had made the meat just appear over the fire.

“I set a snare shortly after you drifted off to sleep.” He rips a large piece of meat off and gives it to Beth. The two of them soon finish the rabbit in silence.

“Teddy are we going to stay here?”

“If anyone is going to follow us than they were going to wait until morning. I went to cover our tracks but even so that will just stop them from pinpointing us, they know we are hiding in the woods. We are going to need to leave them a path away from the treasure.

“Why can’t we give them the treasure to leave the animals alone?”

“Beth they were trying to murder our family for living on an island with Elephants, what do you think they are going to do with us when they find us with a treasure chest worth half a billion dollars. No we need to lead them away as soon as we are done eating.”

HaHa Point of View. "One of the Bad guys."

For once he wasn’t laughing out of the ten men they brought on the island half were missing are confirmed dead. Mombo is furious and is yelling at Dimba inside the shelter. HaHa sits on a log and smokes one of his five remaining cigarettes, the next six days are going to suck.

That is how long it would be before he could get more, maybe once they kill more of these whites they will find cigs on their corpses, the thought of seeing Dimba shoot that fat cook on the dock makes Haha laugh his ass off. His signature cackling laugh is high-pitched and sounds similar to hyenas call.

“What are you laughing at?” Asks Collie. Collie picks his nose, he has a gold ring piercing his septum the band of the ring is thick for a piercing, it is really a wedding ring that Collie took off a rich south African woman , she was white so killing her wasn’t the impressive thing, they had taken her every which way in front of her husband and sons before they set them all on fire in the barn. Haha fights back laughter as he explains. What is funny.

“The fat cook who hit me with that cleaver, his body giggled when Dimba shot him in his fat stomach.”

Collie smiles at HaHa. “You always know how to keep things light, here I saw your pack.” Haha looks down in disbelief. Collie is extending him an extra unopened pack of cigarettes.

“Thank you” Exclaims HaHa in a grateful tone. Just then Dimba pokes his head out.

“HaHa with me lets go on the hunt!” Says Dimba, his eyes are alert and serious.

“Are we going after the children?”

“Yes be quiet if you laugh I will cut your eyelids off!" Threatens Dimba, Haha gulped to show his fear...

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