Hurley Island.

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Marty's Gambit

Marty: Second Oldest of the Hurley Siblings.

He sat on deck of his Uncle’s yacht; they needed the hospital ward. Marty felt sluggish but he could move around well enough. The footsteps of someone make him turn around. Carley comes walking towards him.

“Oh no not you, Ted was right you are nothing, but trouble stay the fuck away from me.” Says Marty backing up to the railing.

“I need your help and I am serious. I feel bad for losing your sister, but we need to do something.”

“What do you expect me to do?”

“Are you kidding me I saw you fight that guy, you can handle yourself, we need to get Beth, the more people out there looking the better. I saw a weak spot in the fence between the Elephant enclosure and the cargo containers.”

“We shouldn’t go.” Says Marty.

“I didn’t know you were such a wimp, I guess Ted is the only one of you that has balls.” Says Carley. She is good Marty having his manhood questioned caves.

“Fine, let me get my gun.”

Marty and Carley walk to his cabin, inside they find three members of the crew, still needing blood transfusions the ship’s cook. The men are all passed out. The remaining men were doing regular patrols around the fence line.

Marty sees his hunting rifle is leaning against his bedside table. He takes it and places a hunting knife around his waist. Then he takes a look at the map on Ted’s bedside table that he drew. It is very detailed; Marty traces his finger on the map and figures Ted must have gone to the larger of the forest on the island.

Packing the map and a compass with some food Marty and Carley depart, they wait until the oncoming guard passes by their position. Carley shows Marty the gap, it was not large enough for an adult but the two of them have no problem sliding under, Marty give Carley his gun though the gap and tosses his bag over the fence, the second layer is the same, only easier, the natural dip of the landscape is what aids them in the escape.

Once on the other side Marty grabs Carley’s hand and they sprint into the jungle and head towards Ted’s last known position. They could skip the waterfall; Marty knows how strong of a swimmer both Beth and Ted are. Ted’s map leads them around the mountain, and into a thick section of the Jungle it cut half an hour of walking off their trip. They are quiet as they move Carley seems to understand the seriousness of the situation.

Then Marty hears something in the forest, it sounds like the cackling of a hyena, but there are none on the island. Marty racks the bolt on his hunting rifle and with Carley trailing behind the move towards the sound, it turns out to be two black men it must be the poachers Assumes Marty.

They hide on the path behind a large tree, they are moving towards the center of the forest. They seem to be following a set of footprints, they lead off to the east along a muddy path, why would Ted walk there knowing he would leave behind footprints. Then Marty looks at the trees, he nearly rolled his ankle twice from these large exposed roots from the trees. Then Marty walks along them, following a hunch he moves in the opposite direction of the two poachers.

Soon Marty and Carley stand before a massive tree, he sees an opening but stops moving when a gun cocks, standing there with a 1911 pointed at him is Ted.

“Marty what the hell, I almost shot your head off!” Says Ted lowering the gun.

“Ted there are a couple poachers on the trail for you they are heading east, we need to go is Beth with you?”

“Yeah, come on inside. Ted leads Marty into the tree and Marty is astonished by the amount of space, then his eyes caught sight of the chest of gold when Ted opens the list. It gleams at him.

“Wow” says Carley.

Ted takes a heavy stack of papers. “Marty put these bonds in your pack, I want to take Beth back to camp.”

“Teddy I am not leaving you.” Says Beth. Marty also interject.

“Yeah dick, what do you think you are doing?”

“I am going to lead those assholes away, you will run back to camp around them and you will show those bonds to mom. There is only about 10 million gold in this chest but I added those bonds up in my head and they could be worth half a billion!” Ted whispered all this into Marty’s ear he didn’t trust Carley.

“You will be okay?” Asks Marty to Ted. Ted cockily smiles and claps his brother on the shoulder.

“Probably not that is why you need to get the girls to safety.” Ted holds out his hand. Marty doesn’t want to leave him but if these slips of paper were worth that much than if they were found by he poachers they were all dead anyway, he feared that the enemy with that much money at stake would call in reinforcements.

Beth hugs Ted quickly. “Thanks for saving me big brother.” Says Beth with a quiver in her voice.

Marty and the two girls make their way around the mountain once through the next stretch of Jungle they could slip under the fence.

Ted: Oldest of the Hurley Siblings.

Ted, sprints towards where Marty said the two poachers are. He has a dozen rounds left in his gun and one extra mag of ammo and a KBAR knife.

Circling around Ted manages to find them they are moving through a section of brush. He runs ahead and puts a hundred yards between them. He spots a large rock formation with a hill that will allow him to run away through grove of trees.

Holding his pistol in the air Ted fires in the air once. Bang! The 45 caliber bullet seems to echo throughout the island. Ted is already sprinting through the grove, he was going to circle around the rock formation and shoot them from the back.

Only one of them sprints out from the jungle that Ted had come from. He aims his rifle around the clearing he sees the footprints that Ted ran into the thicket with. Ted is hidden, he waits aims and then he fires.

He hits the man right in the chest driving him to his back. Ted kneels down at the man’s corpse, he is laughing? Ted doesn’t see what is so funny, his gunshot hit the man on the bottom of his rib cage, this wound is very serious.

Kicking the gun away Ted says. “Where is the other one?”

“We backtracked to the fork, when we heard your shot I answered it and he found the trail of three others. When we saw the three footprints leading back to your camp we knew you were going to set some kind of trap, I didn’t expect you to be waiting for me like that.”

“Ted!” Shouts the voice of his father. Ted turns around and his father rushes to his side, his Uncle Nate stands over the poacher who covers his wound. Jack looks at him.

“Leave the poacher he is going to bleed out, Ted where is Beth?”

“Dad I had Marty lead Beth and Carley back to camp while I led them away, there were two one slipped by me and went for Marty and the girls.” Says Ted. No sooner had Ted blurted out what happened than gunfire erupts from the direction of the bay where Marty is running too.

Then it stops, a radio transmission comes in from camp.

“Jack!” It is the voice of Kelly.

“What happened?”

“Marty rescued Beth, but Leanne is missing and so is the prisoner! Also at the fence line when Marty was slipping under with Beth one of the poachers snatched Carley!” Says Kelly, Ted hears noise in the background.

“Jack it gets worse, Paul and the large male elephant are missing too!”

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