Hurley Island.

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Leanne's Folly

Leanne Point of View.

She was inside the elephant enclosure, Leanne feels empty since Beth had been taken she worries for her sister. Would those men hurt her, she is only a kid? Leanne couldn’t imagine that someone would be cruel enough to hurt her only sister.

Leanne is feeding Fred she has split a watermelon into pieces that Fred can eat. He picks the bowl with his trunk, he shows no sign of his earlier injury. He eats the melon pieces whole. After he picked the bowl clean Fred uses his trunk to rub Leanne’s face. The attention makes her smile and for a moment she forgets the sadness that Leanne feels from losing her sister.

During the attack Leanne hid, having a hunter for a father, Leanne grew up hearing gunshots from her father. Having bullets fired at her and her family is something much different, in fact it is downright terrifying.

“You would have been scared would you Fred?” The elephants response to Leanne is a flap of his ears and he wraps his trunk around Leanne’s waist and pulls her towards him. She hugs his leg making him flap his ears in further excitement.

Leanne knew the answer to her question, Fred would have fought for Beth, he had fought for her before, he killed a man according to what Leanne overheard in camp.

Fred releases his affectionate grip around Leanne’s waist and allows her to walk towards the water station to fill up a bucket of water. As Leanne moves towards the water station she glances over to Paul in the corner of the enclosure he sits under a tree and plays a video game.

Filling the water bucket Leanne glances over to the storage containers. She takes the bucket and a large ladle and makes her way over to the container serving as the prison. There is a large opening at the back right of the container, it looked like the metal had rusted away.

Leanne kneels down and peaks into the dark hole, it is the size of a human head. two pairs of what she assumes are hands smack the hard metal of the container, she assumes they are hands because a second later a bloodied face looks at her. She could see dozens of stitches on his face.

“Your father took my balls!” Says the man in cracked voice. Leanne is offended she never had a man speak about his privates to her. She is scared but warms her fright when she spots the prisoner’s cracked and dehydrated lips. She felt bad, he was hurt and thirsty, then she looks down at her bucket and lifts the ladle of water to the hole, she carefully pours the water into the prisoner’s mouth.

“My name is Leanne, I am sorry you are hurt. I have a question, the men who took my sister will they hurt her?” Just then Leanne’s ears pick up the sound of distant gunfire. Her nerves and anxiety build in the pit of her stomach.

“I am Devon, you are very kind.” He looks at her in the eyes, there is sadness and truth in them and then he speaks. “Leanne, I am sorry but she will be hurt if my friends have her.”

“But why she didn’t do anything she is just a kid?”

“Little girl, men hurt children all the time your family isn’t going to be the exception.”

“You don’t seem sorry by all this.” Leanne is cut off from her statement she spots Marty and that awful girl Carley. They are sneaking around the perimeter of the fence, then she watches as they go over to a gap in the fence. Leanne turns to chase after them, when a battered and bleeding hand without fingernails grips her by her hairs! It hurts and several of her bobby pins fall out.

“No, I am not sorry about it! That is the way the world works, bad men hurt little girls for money and sometimes just for fun. Now run along!” Says Devon with foul breath. He releases her hair. Leanne falls forward, she wants to run to her mommy but then she is reminded of her brother and that harlot named Carley. She gets off her hands and knees and sprints towards the fence gap.

They had already slipped into the forest. “Marty!” Calls Leanne, she stood by the gap and gulps and decides to go after them. Halfway through the fence gap, Leanne felt a strong grip on her hair, somehow it was Devon, he used the five minutes to escape, then remembers her bobby pins, he must have used them to pick the locks to the cuffs and container padlock.

Leanne is pushed to the other side. “I would have let you live if your father didn’t turn me into a freak! Come on little girl I will take you to your sister!” Says Devon pushing her through the forest, he covers her mouth with is nail less fingers so Leanne cannot call for help.

Paul Point of View.

Paul looks up from his game to see Leanne walking towards the cargo container that their father is using as a prison for the poacher Marty fought. He uses his crutches to stand up, he felt useless to his family, everyone is doing what they can to rescue Beth, but there is nothing Paul can do with his broken foot.

Still seeing Leanne walk towards danger Paul opens the gate to the elephant enclosure, he becomes distracted seeing Marty and Carley creeping towards the fence. Paul leaves the gate open and uses his crutches to move over but by the time he gets over there Carley and Marty are gone, Leanne squeals but Paul can't see her at the container. Did the prisoner get her, then Paul watches Leanne sprint from the cargo container, Paul is still making slow progress moving along the lawn.

His crutches have no problem on the warn dirt path between the dock and the elephant enclosure, regretfully this grass is wet and muddy, his crutches sink into the mud and Paul has to take the time to reclaim the crutches with each step. Then he sees the injured prisoner in pajama bottoms and no shirt sprint after Leanne!

Paul had to get there and get there now! He stumbles and gets up, it hurt his leg but screw it, he needed to get there, but he just sees them slipping into the forest, the prisoner has Leanne!

A loud trumpet sounds behind him! Paul turns around to see to massive tusks and a trunk bellowing out another trumpet. It was Fred, he too had seen the prisoner take Leanne!

Fred moves towards Paul and wraps his massive trunk around Paul’s body, Fred’s grip around Paul is gentle but firm, his crutches are left sticking in the muddy thick grass as Paul is hoisted onto Fred’s back. Paul isn’t expecting at the same time for the Elephant to be heading towards the fence, one of the guards shouts.

“Kid what the hell are you doing?!” The guard is 30 yards away and can only watch as Fred plows through the fence, he tears the gap and knocks the chain link fence down, both layers. Paul covers his face but feels the chain link fence slice his arm open. But they made it through, the Elephant pushes his trunk out in front and releases another trumpet this one seems to echo in the forest.

Other elephants trumpet in the forest! Were they communicating to each other? Helpless Paul stays on Fred’s back, the animal continues to trot through the forest. They made a turn at a large tree and Paul sees them ahead.

Fred is hidden above them on an embankment, his red skin blends in with the bright oaks of the forest. Paul had been hearing gunshots in the distance, than he spots someone else they are running parallel to Leanne and the prisoner.

It is Beth! Marty is running next to her, Carley trails behind, they are at full sprint, then he sees why as the loud sound of a gun fires at their backs. The trees soak up the bullets! Then to Paul's horror Carley falls forward but Marty and Beth keep running, Carley looks like she tripped over a root, she tries to get up, then one of the scariest men Paul ever laid eyes on leaps from the forest.

He raises his gun over his head and brings the stock of the gun down on Carley’s petty face, in an instant she is knocked out!

Paul kicks Fred with his legs to get the breast to move but it is stationary, then the Prisoner steps from the path, he had come forward hearing the commotion. Leanne is pulled by her hair and struggles.

“Devon, what happened to you?” Devon is shirtless, wearing only bottoms, he has no shoes.

“Never mind that, Dimba I brought you their youngest daughter.” The one called Dimba looks her over.

“Not as pretty as the other one.” Paul is surprised to see Dimba pull something in his pocket. He presses it to Leanne’s chest, it was a taser!

Leanne screams but it is only a yelp as she is tased! Falling to the ground she convulses. Suddenly Paul feels Fred sprinting, the two men look around hearing the rumbling approaching Leanne had been thrown over Devon’s injured shoulders. Fred is hidden by a massive bush but he bursts through it Paul grips Fred’s neck for dear life.

Carley is fifteen feet from them, Dimba stands near Devon but Fred’s massive tusk hits him in the arms and torso, the gun in his hands is bent and the terrifying African is sent into the bushes! Devon drops Leanne, Fred for such a large animal is cautious of Leanne’s body.

Moving around her, Fred grips Devon’s face with his trunk, Paul covers his mouth in disgust as Fred smacks the poachers head into the bark of a chestnut tree, Paul sees the brains and white of Devon's skull, the blood burst from it like smashing a watermelon!

Fred trumpets his victory but then like the beast has human intellect, Fred remembers why he charged down here. Paul looks at Leanne, as Fred inches closer to her. He brushes her face with his trunk. Leanne’s eyes open.

“Fred.” she says with a whisper.

“Leanne!” Shouts Paul, he is sitting there with his arm outstretched. But Fred is already in motion, the second Leanne sat up right Fred grips her by the waist and tosses her to Paul while running. “Wait we have to get Carley” screams Paul uselessly to Fred but they were already sprinting through the forest. Look back Paul sees the one Dimba crawling on his hands and knees towards Carley.

Jack Point of View.

He heard the sounds of the elephants, it might be the poachers. When Jack and Nate burst through the tree’s they arrive on a wide path. On a chestnut tree he spots a massive blood spot, then the shirtless body of someone. Jack drags the body out of the bushes at the foot of the tree by his ankle.

It was Devon. His skull had been crushed, looking around the foot imprints, there must have been an Elephant that trampled through this path.

“You think this was your elephant and Paul?” Asks Nate.

“The beast reacted when Beth was in danger, maybe he did the same. The girls have been babying him for a while, he is definitely attached to them. But I have never heard of an elephant that could do this.” Says Jack kicking Devons skull, the cracked piece of bone jiggles.

“Well no man could have done something like this it would take the force of several tons. Looks like there was someone laying here.” Nate kneels down several feet from the tree, then he gets up and sees a drag mark along the dirt coming from the forest.

“someone injured crawled, see looks like the dug their right arm in and pulled themselves from the treeline, this is even an indent from the poachers pistol sights. He crawled over here to where someone else laid, then Jack spots blood droplets staining the sand.

The radio transmission chimes in. “Jack” It was the voice of his wife Kelly.

“Any sign of Carley?” asks Kelly

“No,” He lies he didn’t know if anyone is listening to their channel. "However I found the prisoner dead.”

“Wait Jack there is some commotion at the fence breach.” Kelly is silent for a few moments.

“Jack it is Leanne and Paul, they are here! They are with Fred!”

“Kelly keep all the kids in the camp. We are going to find Carley, Ted is staying with me and Nate!”

“Marty is in the woods!”

“What? Asks Jack angry he is tired every time he goes to rescue a kid one sneaks out of the fucking camp he had enough.

Jack stored his radio, but no sooner did he cut it off then Marty sprints towards him. Jack charges forward and back hands his second oldest son. “Ow" Marty yells as he drops to the ground.”

“You should have stayed where you were!” Screams Jack. "I have been busting my ass to find you kids and everytime I turn around one of you is sneaking off!"

“Jack calm down, I know you are stressed but we need to stay focused. Think where are they going to take Carley?” Presses Nate.

“Dad I know where they will take her? Carley knows where the treasure is” It was Marty, he holds blood back from his chin as Jack opened Marty’s stitches.

“What treasure?” Asks Jack.

That is when Marty filled Jack in, Marty on Ted direction took a bag full of bonds back to camp which was the real value of treasure but he said there are millions in gold hidden in that tree. “She will know your back at camp, that gives these animals half a billion reasons to hit the camp for the money!” Says Jack, he took a seat on a log.

Nate lights a cigar with a match. He takes few puffs and the smell spreads through the forest. Then it was like a light bulb went off in his head.

“Jack, Devon he said there were only seven men right. By his math that means there was nine men, six are dead meaning only three are left. If we ambush them at the tree, we stand a chance of getting them once and for all."

Jack admits that it is a sound plan, three trained men and his two sons, five against three. No something about this plan didn’t feel right. “Ted take Nates radio, have Paul fly the drone, ask him to search the island for their boat. I want you and Marty to seek out the boat and destroy the motor. If one of them lives they will run back to it. We will not have them returning!” With Jacks plan laid out he furnishes Marty a pistol and then refreshes Ted’s 1911 with fresh rounds.

Once the boys were outfitted they started to make their way to the mountain while Jack makes for the Waterfall again. With three men left their chances of survival were high but these men must surely be getting desperate and that makes his ass itch with fear and uncertainty.

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