Hurley Island.

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The Climax

Paul's Point of View: Young of the Hurley Sons. :Bay, Pavillion

“Stop it Leanne let me go.” Says Paul. His twin sister is slightly shorter than he is, but she has her arms wrapped tightly around his waist, her eyes look up into his and they are full of pride and gratefulness. For several minutes she hugs him. Then he feels more uncomfortable as Beth throws her arms around his neck from behind.

“Who knew you had it in you to become a hero great job little brother!” Says Beth kissing him on the cheek.

“You were so brave Paul thank you.” Says Leanne she is still trying to look into his eyes.

“I didn’t do anything it was all Fred.” Says Paul bitterly. He felt weird getting this level of affection from his sisters. Then to make matters worse his mother comes over to their spot inside the pavilion she has a look of relief on her face. His mother bends down and pecks her on the cheek.

“All of you get off me!” Says Paul.

“Okay girls let him go.” Says Kelly. Suddenly the radio chimes in.

“Mom it is Ted over…” Kelly unclips the radio from her belt and speaks into the receiver.

“Teddy what is it?” Kelly’s tone is nervous, almost like she didn’t know what kind of fresh hell this would bring.

“Mom put Paul on…” Paul is shocked, why would Ted be asking for him.

“Ted it is Paul.”

“Paul get on the drone and fly to the south west we are looking for fiberglass.” Says Ted

Fiberglass is the families code for boats when they were sailing. You never knew who was listening to radios on the ocean, the same principle applies here with the poachers.

“Roger!” Says Paul. He gives the radio back to his mother. Leanne hands Paul his muddy crutches and Paul makes his way down to dock towards the Hammer. “Leanne please set the drone up…” Says Paul taking a seat in the Galley he is currently attaching the tablet to the drones controller.

Soon the camera feed is live on the big screen. Leanne comes inside, Benny and Bella are inside the Galley with Leanne and Paul. Kelly lingers nearby with the radio incase Jack or Ted call in.

“He felt a sense of déjà vu as the drone raises up into the air. He follows Ted coordinates, he follows the river and then leaves it island for the sea, if he was looking for the poachers boat the best place to start is from the islands edge. He scans the beach and from above Paul spots a narrow estuary it leads to a small lagoon, from above in the sunshine Paul can see the white sand under the water it is shallow, the Hammer might be able floated into the lagoon if it could get through the narrow opening. There are marches and reeds everywhere, then he spots it on the shore it is covered in reeds and brush.

Paul takes screenshots. “Mom Tell Ted to switch to channel alpha.” Says Paul. Channel alpha is family code for channel 9.

“Teddy switch to channel alpha.” Informs Kelly.

“Rodger…” Says the Voice of Ted.

“37°14′0″N 115°48′30″W Says Paul as his mom holds the radio to Paul’s mouth.”

“Got it, we will be on radio silence from here. Out.” Replies Ted.

Ted Point of View. Oldest of the Hurley children.

He and Marty move quickly, it was only a matter of time before his father and uncle tried to ambush the poachers, they needed to locate their boat and disable it. Ted holds a compass in front of him, Marty holds the map. Together they had covered three quarters of the way, when the pair emerge from the jungle. They can spot the marsh below them; Ted looks and then spots a cluster of trees near the shore. He points to it.

“Marty cover me with your rifle, I am going in.” Says Ted. Marty grips Ted by his shoulder.

“What I need to go.” Says Ted. But Marty switches his grip to shake Teds forearm like they had seen Mel Gibson do in Braveheart.

“Take care of yourself, don’t die down there, here take this.” Marty hands Ted his knife who tucks it into his boot. Drawing his pistol Ted bounds from cover downhill. It took him five minutes to reach the cluster of trees his hunch was right their boat is hidden under the cover of the trees in the marsh. Ted waits behind a tree.

The boat is small on the bow of the ship Ted spots piles of ivory, he doesn’t see any movement, the ship looks like it is empty. He makes his way to the motor, he takes is multitool and flips out his wire cutters. He finds the ignition lead in the motor, going to cut the wire Ted hears the unmistakable sound of a pistol cocking behind his head!

He could shit his pants if he wasn’t so scared, turning he sees the angry face of an African man, it was the one he shot in the shoulder rescuing Beth, before he can say anything the dense metal of Dimba’s pistol crashes across Ted’s face casting him into darkness…

When he came too he felt cross-eyed, he was still on the deck of the boat, he is tied to something by rope, Carley is also here! Dimba has Ted’s radio. Ted is still by the motor his pistol is tucked into Dimba’s waistband. Dimba speaks into the radio.

“I speak to the father of this boy. I know you and your people are listening, I have your son, and his girlfriend. By now you know we are going for the gold. You are going to stand down and will not follow, we will take the gold and our leave of this island. If you do not stand down we will shoot these children; and then you can buy them caskets with your winnings. Once we have the gold the and passage your children are free to leave. This your only transmission, acknowledge.” Dimba finishes and waits several seconds then the static of Jacks voice is heard.

“You have a deal.”

“You are going to let us go?” Asks Carley she sounds almost hopeful. Dimba laughs in her face, she can see all his disgusting teeth, he moves over to her, she is tied to a metal grab rail. Dimba bends down and lifts her face in his hands. “No” He then kisses her! Shoving his tongue into her mouth he takes a long kiss as Carley struggles.

“Asshole get away from her!” Shouts Ted, he struggles against the ropes, he had managed to slip Marty’s fixed blade knife out of his boot. He has it hidden behind his back.

“Don’t worry boy I was just have a little taste before my friends arrive, you will be sorry to know I will be personally cutting your throat, your friend will be for our celebration party. But you fought well, and it looks like your sisters will get to live. But I will bring a 100 men back to this island if I have too. We will murder every last member of your wretched family!”

Ted was suddenly loose from his bindings, Dimba is caught off guard, Ted uses a backwards side kick, his follow through kicks the pistol out of Dimba’s hand over the side into the marsh below. Dimba is slow to move. Ted drives his fist into Dimba’s stomach temporarily doubling the older man over. With effort Ted manages to get his right hand on the grip of his pistol. When a knife is driven down on top of his hand!

Bang! A gunshot exits the gun. Dimba retracts his knife in the same motion as Ted’s 1911 falls to the ground in a thud...

The pain is insurmountable! Ted ducks under a swipe of Dimba’s knife and kicks his pistol away from the scrum. Ted holds Marty’s knife loosely in his hand, once again Ted must duck and he even has steps back to avoid a gutting, Dimba is fighting like a wild animal as more gunshots pick up in the nearby area.

Ted dodges and weaves and does all he can to avoid being impaled on the tip of Dimba’s knife! Suddenly when Ted is about to be gutted something falls from the sky it is the drone!

The drone hits Dimba full in the face, Ted slips under his right arm, the blade of the drone slices Ted’s leg, the machine flops over the edge of the boat. Ted drives his knife into Dimba’s ribs and twists the handle.

The African screams! Ted isn’t done, kicking Dimba’s knee out the man falls Ted is acting on rage and survival it was him or them! He opens Dimba’s throat. Ted feels the warmth of his enemies blood soak his knife hand, kicking Dimba forward he leaves him to die. Ted cuts Carley loose when he hears something in the bushes. Turning he spots another black man; he is covered in blood and has a gunshot wound to his side.

Mongo looks like a wild animal covered in blood. He aims his rifle at Ted, Ted has no chance of crossing the distance… He looks his enemy down. Then as he takes his last breath, he is surprised that Mongo’s head implodes with a bloody and bright burst of red!

Ted looks for the source of the attack and sees Marty a short while later emerge from the bushes. “Sorry Ted I tried to get a shot on the other guy but you two were moving around too much.” Says Marty. Ted bends down and cuts Carley loose, the fight over Ted is brought back to his throbbing hand. Marty looks at it.

“I can see bones man, we need to get back to the bay...”

“Ted, Marty.” The boys look and see their Uncle and Father emerge from the Jungle. Jack takes in the sight of the dead poachers, he looks at the man with the flattened skull.

“As soon as we heard the gunshots we opened fire on them while they were carrying the chest through the jungle. This guy got away.” Says Nate kicking Mongo’s corpse.

“Ted let me see your hand.” Asks Jack. Ted felt lightheaded and sick, it was gushing blood. “We need to get back to camp ASAP. Let’s go and double time it. Leave the bodies here.” Says Jack.

The walk back in Teds mind took forever, he wrapped his hand in his father’s shirt. By the time they reached the bay Ted is pale white and his blood has soaked through the shirt. He stumbles as he is led to the yacht, his uncle and father carry him the rest of the way. Ted passes out as they enter the threshold of the yacht. At least if he dies he saved his family…

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