Hurley Island.

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The End.

The fog of his brain makes it difficult to form thoughts, that said it is not like he didn’t try to think, he had what he assumes are half dreams, more like images that hunt him keep appearing. He had killed so many men. Many of them he didn’t know their names, did they have mothers? Of course, they did imagines Ted.

These men Ted had killed may have been monsters, but he is sure they still had loved ones who cared about them. What would happen to their bodies? Would his father send them back to their families? Keep in mind all these thoughts are not happening in order, rather they are all rushing to his conscious at the same time…

The thoughts are enough to force him awake; wait he was awake. Ted blinks his eyes the light in the room is dimly lit. He felt something heavy on his torso, moving slightly the heavy obstruction lifts her head. It is his mother Kelly.

“M, Mom…” Says Ted.

“Oh, honey your awake, how do you feel my sweet boy.” She strokes her fingers through Teds thick black hair. Suddenly the faces of all his sisters appear over his head. He was inside the yacht in a large king size bed. His hand is throbbing, but when he tries to close his fingers his mom braces his forearm making him stop. “Easy honey you don’t want to pull out your stitches. How do you feel?” Repeats Kelly.

“My hand hurts.” Replies Ted. “How long have I been out?” he presses.

“Two days.” Answers Kelly.

He is shocked, in his shock Ted tries to sit up. It is Beth who braces his shoulders keeping him laying down. “Buddy you need to take it slow, you have other injures besides your hand.” Beth’s voice is soothing but instead of relaxing him, her statement made him acutely aware of his other injuries. His ribs felt tender, his leg where the drone blade hit him felt nearly as bad as his hand.

Tec stares at the ceiling, Leanne’s face comes into view she looks relieved. “Teddy we were so worried for you.”

“What’s been happening, how is everyone?”

It is Kelly who answers. “Well we laid our people who died to rest, your father has forwarded their death certificates to their appropriate countries. Our injured are comfortably resting in your cabin.”

Just then Ted heard his fathers voice. “He’s awake?” The statement is rhetorical as Jack suddenly comes to stare at his son. He looks down at him, in his hand is a syringe. Jack wears a look of admiration for his first-born son. “Dad what happened to the poachers?”

“What do you mean you killed most of them.” Responds Jack coldly. Ted’s eyes flinch at the casual way his father speaks of death. Kelly gently rubs her sons arm seeing his uncomfortable glance, moms tend to pick up the subtle signs of their children. Jack is still in doctor mode as he checks Teds injuries.

“I meant their bodies..” says Ted.

“We piled them into a heap and poured diesel on their corpses and set the lot of them on fire.” Nothing more about the poachers is said as Ted felt a pinch in his hand, his father had injected him with an antibiotic. Ted groans when he sees his father pick up a second needle. “Don’t be a baby son.” Remarks Jack with a smile.

“don’t tell me he is being a wimp about needles again?” says the voice of Marty.

“Kelly hand me some pillows it is best if we prop him up.” Requests Jack. It wasn’t just Ted Parents that gently help Ted to sit up he felt multiple pairs of hands on his body he blushes when he sees nearly his entire family helping him to sit up. It is something that Beth gushes over, she pinches his cheek.

“Awe big brother your so cute when your embarrassed.” Ted suddenly felt tears swell up in his eyes, he sees Marty with his hand on Paul’s shoulder both his brothers rivalry seems forgotten, Ted looks at them both.

“You both saved me, Paul if you hadn’t crashed the drone I would have been stabbed and Marty their leader would have killed me.”

“Stop Ted, you don’t have thank us Paul and we did what you would have done for us, good thing this twerps destructive steak was of some use and I guess you might owe me some credit for my marksmanship…” Adds Marty playfully. He even ruffles Paul’s hair affectionately.

Ted couldn’t hold back anymore he always wanted them to get along. He weeps… “

“Awe” cry his sisters, both Leanne and Beth throw their arms around Ted’s neck and smother his cheeks with kisses, even Marty and Paul come over and hug him. Kelly tears up seeing her children all safe and all loved and by each other no less, she soon joins in finding some real estate on Ted’s cheeks to kiss. Jack sticks Ted in the arm with the needle but he didn’t feel it being so overwhelmed with emotion.

“Boy’s I am very proud of the men you are becoming.” Remarks Jack Proudly, he is the last to join the family hug. “I know I am hard on all of you, but that harshness helped everyone in this room to survive this ordeal if we can beat a gang of thieves we can conquer any challenge that is to come our way.

“The half a billion dollars might also help” Says Marty, his quip gets a laugh from the entire family, Ted included half crying half laughing Ted never wanted this moment to end, but the second shot Jack had given Ted made his eyes sleepy, he drifts off to a blissful sleep with the smiles of his family to help keep his dream sweet and happy.

Ted understood that the poachers definitely had families, but Ted is certain that if those men had a family like this there is no way their hearts would remain icy and evil. He is excited to discover what other adventures await them on this island would bring, they would no matter embrace and adversity together as one, as a family, a family that every boy could wish for.

The End.

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