Hurley Island.

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She and Marty had gotten pretty hot and heavy the last five weeks, her summer had ended. The injured were finally cleared by Mr. Hurley to travel. She could hardly believe it was over, this had been one of the wildest summers Carley ever had. How would she tell this to the other girls at her boarding school. She had two smoking hot boys fighting to save her from evil men hell bent on selling her.

Carley still can taste the awful breath of Dimba, watching Ted fight for her favor turned Carley on more than anything. Alas Ted seemed to completely ignore her the second the conflict ended. Then again he was in pretty rough shape. He needed to get around on crutches, the drone blade gashed open muscle and flesh, the deepness of the wound threatened to open if he pushed himself to far.

His hand is also in rough shape, his ribs where turned to mush, according to Beth Ted suffered three broken Ribs, and his cheek had been fractured by Dimba’s gun. All and all Ted and Carley are lucky to be alive. Carley didn’t let Ted’s lack of interest bother her. Marty proved to be a well-endowed concession prize. The two of them spent hours snogging by the waterfall, she had even given him his first ride. Taking his virginity was something she felt proud of, at least she can add that notch to her belt. Not that she is a stranger to sex, that said he was the best lover she had, strong, pretty and surprisingly attentive and sweet.

Marty picked Carley flowers and held her hand as they walked through the jungle He whispered his secrets and hopes into her ear, Carley snuck off the ship and found herself inside his bed every night. She loved being held by him, and on some level Carley thinks she loves him.

The last thing she wanted to do is return to Switzerland to an all-girls school she wanted to live with the Hurley’s. At least her stepfather Nate said they would be returning next summer.

Currently Carley is inside her stateroom, she is applying lip gloss, she is wearing a blue sundress, it rises just above her knees. Leanne had made her a great pair of seashell flip flops Carley has makes great strides in regards to her relationship with the youngest of the Hurley children. Once Leanne realized that she and Marty were dating she had warmed up to Carley. Leanne loved to make crafts for everyone Carley included.

Seeing her straighter light blink Carley lifts the device to her long blonde hair and runs it down the length of her locks she wanted tonight for everything thing to look perfect. Tomorrow she was leaving, and it would be her last night with Marty. She snuck a bottle of champagne from the ships stores, it is tucked into her draw bag along with two condoms and a blanket. Carley takes one last look in the mirror; he would have the hairs on his neck stand up seeing her like this.

Making her way out of the stateroom she runs into her mother. “Carley where you going?”

“I am meeting Marty we are going to take a walk and look at the stars.” Her mother smiles and squeezes her arm.

“Okay honey have fun, don’t be out too late Nate wants to set sail early.” Carley nods her head and makes her way off the ship and down the dock. Passing the pavilion, she sees Beth and Leanne playing cards at the table with her father. This is the moment of truth; nothing escapes the eyes of Jack Hurley if he asked her what’s in her bag she is fucked and not in the way she wants Marty to fuck her tonight. She stops inside the Pavilion to say hello to the girls.

“You’re wearing my sandals!” Remarks Leanne happily. Beth meanwhile looks Carley up and down.

“You look beautiful Carl.” Says Beth using her endearing nickname for Carley.

“Thanks, Hun, I don’t want to keep Marty waiting any longer, it would be cruel.” Replies Carley. Jack looks up from his hand and smiles at Carley.

“Have fun kids.” Is all he says putting the cards down, drawing two more. Success!

Carley makes her way to Marty’s cabin; she sees him sitting on the porch with his guitar. He puts it down as she approaches and stand up, he wore a button down and Bermuda shorts with flipflops of his own. His hair is brushed, and he looks absolutely scrumptious. Carley places a kiss on his lips.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“I am glad you did you look beautiful; you always look stunning but there is something about you tonight. Come on lets get to the waterfall.” Says Marty.

His complement makes her blush. They walk hand and hand through the jungle, since the Poachers had been vanquished the children had been given free reign over the island. That said they always had to take a dog with them. Beth or Leanne were lucky to have their elephant protector but for the rest of the gang the two massive Brazilian mastiffs were enough to scare away anything that might accost them, that and the intimidating pistol Marty always carried always made Carley feel safe, then again in his arms she had nothing to fear.

Soon the arrived at the top of the waterfall, the full moon lights up the lagoon and the stars are so bright, she laid the blanket down and pulls out the champagne. “Look what I got us; I know you don’t drink but its our last night I thought we could celebrate.”

“Marty flopped down next to Carley; his dog Benny lays down on nearby. He nuzzles her neck as she pops the cork, she takes a sip out of the bottle and closes her eyes as his soft nibble spreads warmth through her legs. Carley sets the bottle down and takes his face with both her hands. Kissing him on the mouth their tongues roll over each other, Carley works his belt off, weighted down by his gun the belt drops off easily, she reaches her hand towards his crotch and gently rubs the outside of his pants.

Marty’s hands feel the smoothness of her perfect legs, then his hand travels up her sundress and finds her surprise. She wore no panties and is completely bare, this summer she hadn’t taken the effort to keep up, but she had enough wax left to give him something to remember. His fingers enter her and cause her to moan into his mouth. From then on they got hot and heavy, rolling around the round under the stars and the moon, his powerful arms tenderly holding her all the while his mouth is attentive to her wants.

All too soon they burned through the pair of condoms, after he climaxed the second time and they lay naked in each other’s arms staring at the full moon, Carley turns to Marty and strokes his chiseled jawline. “I think I love you.” Marty looks back at her kisses her on the lips.

“I know I love you, don’t forget me once you leave.”

“I won’t when you ever get internet you will have to send me an email. We need to stay in touch.”

“I will but until then I will think of you every day. I love you Carley; I wish I could have you in my arms again.” They kiss each other, at the same time above the misty jungle a shooting star shoots across the clear starry sky…

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