Hurley Island.

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Ted builds a home.

Ted: Two weeks later.

One week ago, a cargo ship anchored in the bay, it nearly stretched the entire length of the bay. From it’s deck, a massive crane dropped three cargo containers near the Pavilion, then as quick as the boat arrived it sailed away. Inside the cargo container are all the supplies they would need to build a house.

Currently they had made lots of progress, power tools made it easier, once Ted and his father had built the foundation they began framing the outside. They had cut hundreds of wooden planks, they had cut them, in all shapes and sizes. The last thing they would do would be placing the roof onto the building.

In one of the cargo containers heavy machinery, a small remote operated crane and a bobcat vehicle with a plow and digger attachments. In addition to the tools they had several barrels of fuel would allow them to operate their equipment with no issue. The crane is able to extend 40 feet, the roof weighs nearly 2,000 pounds.

Ted is presently attaching straps from the crane onto the roof, his brother Marty, is on a ladder on the inside of the house, he would make sure the roof is placed in one clean motion.

“Ready boys, I am going to bring the roof up now.” Says the stern voice of Jack. He stands at the controls.

Ted tugs on the straps to the roof and they are all firmly in place. “Everything ready here dad.”

“Send it.” Calls Marty.

Jack presses the control switch and the cranes chains move, the roof rises into the air, once it is above the building, Jack his the accelerator, the wheels on the crane move and the roof is centered over. “Marty I am going to lower it.” Shouts Jack to his son.

“I got it” Shouts Marty from inside the building. Ted climbs the steps into the shelter and crosses what would be the front doorway. He would help Marty. Together the make sure the roof is perfectly allied. Once the roof is dropped. Ted climbs out onto the roof, he removes the straps, Marty meanwhile uses a power drill to place two feet long screws. The heavy metal would keep this roof on even against category three hurricane.

After several hours, Jack and his sons and twenty feet from the structure to admire their work, they had built a raised house, of 1,200 square feet, it would feature 8 rooms once the walls were up. “boys this is a great start, It just so happens your new governess is going to be arriving a day before your uncle. I am going to give her the left pontoon, I think this hut will be perfect for you two and Paul, we have bedding for all of you, mom will set it up for you.”

“Wait once the rooms are done will we have to share bedrooms?”

“No” Says Jack Simply.

Ted and Marty bumped their fists in excitement.

“There is another reason you are being moved from the dock, Uncle Nate’s girlfriend is bringing her daughter, she is around your age, I will have no nonsense, you both will not fight or fawn over her, treat her with respect.” Jacks statement also had a hint of a threat in there, neither Ted nor Marty dares to defy their father.

After the roof, Ted still had a few hours of day light, Jack gave the boys off for the day, being tired Marty choose to take a nap on the Hammer. Ted however made his way to the Elephant enclosure. Inside the fence, Beth plays with Fred, Leanne is there too, Fred like all the Hurley children, he seems to like the girls the most. Then again Marty and Ted only looked at him, they had been so busy building the shelter, that they had not really interacted with him.

Paul sits in a chair, he is under a shady tree inside Fred’s enclosure, Ted enters the open gate. He can hear Leanne speaking, Fred had gained mobility of his trunk again, there father equated Fred’s injury to a sprained ankle. He still had two braces on his trunk for support. The tip of his trunk wiggles around Leanne’s face, her and Beth are giggly.

Beth stands on a ladder, she uses a brush to soap up Fred. Beth where shorts and a tank top. She had spent every waking moment with Fred. As Ted approaches Fred sees him, the large elephant pushes his ears forward, his trunk wraps around Leanne’s waist and pulls her closer to his body.

Ted is amazed at the strength of the animal but also at how gentle he is setting Leanne down, his posture is almost defensive around the girls, then he recognizes Ted’s face and relaxes, Fred’s trunk goes back to touching Leanne’s shoulders, Ted sees that Leanne is feeding him fruit.

“Hi Teddy, do you want to feed Fred?” She is oblivious to the animals defensive posture.

“I don’t think he likes me much.” Says Ted, he stop ten feet from them.

“Don’t be silly” Says Leanne in a high-pitched voice, she leaves the elephants side and grabs Teds hand and leads him towards Fred. Leanne speaks to Fred like he is a person. “Fred, this is Teddy, he is nice and friendly, you can trust him.” Leanne pets his trunk, and lifts it, she guides his trunk towards Teds face.

Ted feels sweat pouring down his face. The tip of Fred’s trunk touches Teds cheek, he wasn’t expecting the trunk to feel cold. After a minute the creature grew board with Ted and went back to fussing with Leanne.

“What do you think of him Ted?” Asks Beth, she places the brush into the bucket.

“He is interesting, he seems to have taken to you two.” Responds Ted, he peers over to the tree and sees Paul playing on his game, mom had been fussing with Paul, she had enough with him laying around the saloon of the Hammer, so during the day Paul was kicked out the boat for fresh air. “How’s Paul been today?” Asks Ted, it was Leanne who answers first.

“Great, we made bracelets out of some seashells that I found in the bay.” Leanne holds up her wrist to show Ted.

“That is very pretty Leanne.” Says Ted, he could imagine it now, Paul sitting on his switch while a doting Leanne made both of them bracelets. “Had he met Fred yet?”

“Yeah I brought Fred over to him, take get along.” Says Leanne.

“Teddy, seriously he just sits there wasting away.” Says Beth,

“What’s he supposed to do with a broken leg?” Says Leanne defensively. Ted has seen his sisters get into fights before, generally speaking that was always what Leanne fought with her siblings about. Ted changes the subject.

“Have you two tried riding Fred yet?”

“We can ride him?” Asks Leanne it seems like this is the first time she ever thought about it. “He might not like it…”

“If anyone in the family could try it will be you or Beth.”

“Teddy I will try it.” Says Beth.

“Beth can I try too?” Asks Leanne.

Both of the girls look for Ted to make the choice.

“Fine but be very careful, Beth sit on him first. I am going to stand over by Paul so I don’t spook him.” Ted walks over to his brother, Leanne moves out of the way while Beth climbs up the ladder. She strokes and speaks to Fred softly, then she hoists herself onto the his back, Beth eventually sits on his shoulder blades, her legs are behind her ears.

“What is she doing?” Asks Paul.

“Her and Leanne are going to ride it.” Says Ted.

Fred stays relaxed, he looks calm, Leanne walks over to him pets his trunk, she would lead him. As expected Fred follows after Leanne like a duckling, a very large duckling with tusks that could wipe her out in an instant. It is like he views the girls as his mothers.

“How is it up there?” Shouts Ted to Beth.

“It is surprisingly breezy.” Proclaims Beth. Then Ted nearly turns his underwear brown when he sees Fred lurch forward, his trunk wraps around Leanne’s waist and she is lifted clean into the air. Ted runs forward.

Fred slides Leanne over his head and into Beth’s lap. The elephant than led the girls around the enclosure, Ted breathes a sigh of relief and walks back to Paul’s side.

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