Hurley Island.

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Uncle Nate Arrives


It felt liberating to be up here, then Fred looks to the gate, he was feet from it. Beth didn’t want this to end, she had been able to steer Fred by lightly pulling on his ear with her hand. Beth pulls on his right ear, they skin behind his ears felt so soft. He responds to her wishes and wheels himself around.

“Teddy, can you open the gate I want to let him stretch his legs.”

Ted had walked over to the gate and is in ear shot of Beth’s question, trailing him is Paul.

“Beth we don’t know how he is going to react.” Cautiously answers Paul.

“I think she should try it.” It was the voice of Beth’s father.

“Really Daddy?“ Says Beth excited.

Jack leans against the fence. “Girls he may run once I open the gate. As Fred walks out of the enclosure, the dogs, Benny and Bella loudly bark at the large lumbering beasts carrying the girls. The elephant looks at the dogs, but he is unthreatened by them and walks across the grass.

Then as her father predicts, the elephant begins to run, Beth has nothing other than Leanne to hold onto, she is a twig, but thankfully her younger sister has a tight grip on Fred. He slows as they enter the forest.

Their father catches up to them. “Girls are you okay?” He shouts up to them.

“Yes Daddy, we are fine.” Says Beth.

It felt great to be up here, Fred seems to be going somewhere with a purpose. They soon pass the watering hole that Ted first spotted the elephants several weeks prior. Fred is about to turn into the watering hole, then something occupies his attention, his ears flap up and down, his posture makes Beth believe that Fred is earing something her human ears couldn’t. Benny and Bella both look in the same direction.

Fred moves at a quickened pace her father is left in the dust as they sink further into the forest. At the top of the hill, Beth can hear noise. It is a high-pitched trumpeting, they break out of the tree line into a large grouping of banana trees. The source of the trumpeting is a small elephant, it looks like a baby, it’s ears a flapping and its tail spins around, it trumpets loudly again and storms across the orchard towards Fred. Fred intercepts the young elephant which could easily pass under Fred’s belly. Fred wraps his trunk around the face of the elephant and the baby wraps his trunk around Fred’s, Beth is even more for a loss for words when they follow the little elephant to a cluster of tree, by a black berry bush, Beth spots a similar yet horrible sight.

A female elephant presumably this little ones mother is caught in the same trap Fred had been. It looks like she has been here a few days, a large pile of fecal matter is piled behind her, the tip of her trunk where it is snared by the trap flops uselessly. She wines seeing Fred approach.

“Beth! Leanne!” Shouts her father, he is covered in sweat and breathless as he happens on the scene, the girls shout from the top of Fred.

“Daddy, were over here!” Shouts Beth.

“Come quickly” Chimes in Leanne, who is sliding off Fred.

“Leanne!” Shouts Beth in disbelief as Leanne bounds forward. The female begins to get agitated and she stomps around, stepping in her dried pile of fecal matter. Jack rushes forward and holds Leanne in his arms.

“Stop Leanne.” Shouts Jack.

“Daddy she is hurt we need to help her!” Cries Leanne, she sounds upset and worried. It is in that moment Beth understands, Leanne has never seen something this horrible.

“We will baby we just need to move slow, she is scared.” Jack speaks in a calm voice with a low tone. “Beth come down and calm the baby, he is stressing her out.”

“Yes daddy.” Replies Beth in the similar tone her father spoke in. Beth slide off Fred’s back, he nervously watches as Beth leaves his side. “I will be right back.” She says looking into his big brown eyes, to comfort him she strokes his trunk. Leaving her elephants side she walks over to the baby. He weighs twice what she does. Looking closer, Beth sees that the baby is a little girl.

“Hello sweetie, my Daddy is going to help your mommy.” Beth stokes her head and her trunk flops all over Beth’s face. Looking over at the black berry bush, Beth watches as her father frees the elephant, he used his knife like Beth had to free her.

“Leanne, go stand by Beth, she had been stroking the mother elephant to keep her calm, listening to Jack, Leanne comes over by Beth and the baby. Jack hits the switch and the trap slides off the elephant’s leg. The large female lunges for Jack, Beth expects her father to by hit, but Fred’s trunk get in between the enraged mother and Jack. Her father bounces back.

He slips in besides Leanne and Beth, the elephant calf runs for its mother, she had messed up her trunk worse, there are parts of her trunk bloody and raw, it would be infected. It seems once the mother elephant is able to console her calf she calms. Fred lumbers over to Leanne and Beth.

“Girls lets head back, lets see if she will follow us, if not we will have to come back for the calf when she is dead.”

“Daddy we have to help her.” Says Beth, she draws her knife and cuts a large black berry branch, she cuts off a piece of branch that the mother could eat. Seeing the black berries, the mother allows Beth to creep closer.

“Beth honey be careful.” Warns Jack, Benny growls caution too, but Fred however won’t let Beth go alone, she is thankful for how protective Fred is. The elephant hesitantly opens her mouth, Beth can tell that she hasn’t eaten in a few days. She swallows the branch. Beth then turns and walks down the path towards the Bay. Fred follows after Beth, to her surprise the female elephant follows her, her calf cutely holds her mommies tail as she follows behind.

The mother and calf follow Beth, her father and Leanne all the way back to the Bay. Once they put the mother into the enclosure, Jack darts the mother elephant, he would need to cut away the infection on her trunk, a task Beth believes will be easier with her knocked out for a few hours.

Beth and Leanne took the baby elephant away while their father tended to the mother elephants. She is quite a little darling, she loves mashed berries, Kelly walks over to Beth and Leanne, they are inside the Pavilion.

“We are going to need to make some formula, I have a recipe that I got offline.” Says their mother. Kelly used a mobile device to get internet once per day. She would use it the internet to pay bills. “We are going to need to feed this sweet girl while her mommy recovers.”

“That is because her milk will have the painkillers from the tranquilizers right?” Ask Beth.

“That is right darling, when did you get so smart, it is going to take me a couple hours to make the first couple of gallons. Leanne would you like to help me?” Asks Kelly.

“Sure thing mommy.”

When her mother and little sister wonder off towards the boat, Beth feels the forehead of the baby elephant pressing into her lower back, this little girl is four feet, she almost knocks Beth over, smiling Beth turns around and has her little trunk wrapping around her arm. Leading the little elephant outside, she walks over to the house where Marty sits on the porch...

“Hey Beth every time I see you, you have an another elephant.”

“Sorry Fred found these two inside the forest.” Just then a foghorn from the ocean causes Marty and Beth to look in the direction of the sea, the faint outline of a boat can be seen, the radio next to Marty cuts to the voice of someone familiar, it was the cool voice and accent of their Uncle Nate.


She looks out over the bow her long tan arms lean on the stainless-steel railing. Carley’s blue sundress blows in the wind. It had been a boring start to her summer, she had left boarding school early, April is far to good of a month to languish in the Swiss Alps.

When her mother told her they would be spending the summer with her new husband, Carley didn’t realize they would be going to the remotest places in the world. When she was told they be sailing she expected Monaco, Cannes or Barcelona at the very least. Instead Carley got shafted with places called East London, and it did not have any of the charm her home city had. It was a small port in South Africa, they used it as a staging ground so her stepfather could kill African game. As a Vegan she found his sport hunting appalling.

In fact, his entire right-wing mentality seemed to irk Carley. At least her mother is happy, her mother is a Baroness, it is an empty title, their lands had been sold off by Carley’s grandfather in the 1920s. Leaving Leads for London, Carley and her mother lived a modest life as far as members of the aristocracy were concerned.

Her mother like Carley went to Switzerland for secondary school, Carley didn’t mind because her classmates had been in her social circle since Elementary Education. Carley is 16, she has one more year left at boarding school, then she can return to England, her marks were good enough for Cambridge and there she hoped to meet her prince charming.

Carley always seems to get in trouble with boys, she likes the bad boys, the more broken the better. But that seems like a lost cause for this summer, all she had seen were half starved native boys, she would have invited some of the cuter ones she saw on the boat, only Nate would have a problem with that.

They had been sailing on a 120-foot yacht, it was the middle of May, apparently Nate came from a wealthy family, so wealthy that he won the heart of her mum, who is a notorious gold digger, she couldn’t blame her mother for wanting the best, Carley only hopes that she can expect the same when she met the right one.

So here she was, sailing toward the island of Nate’s brother, she could see the outline of a large island, she could deny that she was impressed, well only slightly, according to Nate they were living out of a small catamaran, like some wayward Gypsies living in their caravans.

At least if her stepfather could be believed, his brother had two sons her age, that was better than her current and only companion this trip. Her Brother Percy, aged 13, he is her mother’s pride and joy, a chronic tattletale, he made it his life mission to show Carley up. He was a member of Mensa, and the best student in his year at Eton College.

Carley stood at the railing as the drift into a modest sized bay. As their ship nears, Carley spots a what looks to be a freshly made dock, hut and a Pavilion, and the families sailboat. Carley is about to make her way inside when she spots two boys on the dock, Nates crew tosses the boys lines as the tie the ship up. Both of them were well hot.

The oldest looking of the two boys was the hottest boy she had ever seen; she runs to the port side to get a better look. He wears no shirt! She could melt right there, his body is lean, for a boy barley entering puberty he has such a defined core, his shoulders are broad. But her eyes only leave the appeal of his body for a glance at his angelic features. Thick black wavy hair, full lips and a defined jaw.

“Carley!” Calls her mother, Carley looks down, her mother is on the dock, she wears a sundress that shows off her perfect legs, at 35 Carley's mother's body looks perfect. She has Carley’s blonde hair and long legs. Nate walks steps off the ship and stands next to Carley’s mom Liz.

Nate is handsome, he has short hair black, he is in shape, but Carley think Nate is nothing compared to his brother, Jack Hurley is just as hot as his sons.

Carley made her way below; the crew is still in the process of docking. She steps off the dock, her brother had beaten Carley outside. But she makes her way to her mother’s side she wanted to see these hunks up close.

“Ted, Marty come say hello to your Uncle, hello you must be Elizabeth, I am Jack, this is my wife Kelly.” Carley takes a look at Jack’s wife, she is stunning she looks like she could be gracing the cover a magazine, well maybe the magazine good housekeeping. She looks like the perfect stereotypical mother only incredibly beautiful. He shirt is stained with cooking stains; her hair is slightly unkempt from chores and she wears an apron.

As the adults greet each other, the rest of the children have come to greet Carley and Percy. First is Marty, Carley smiles when she sees the lust in his eyes as he looks her over, but his brother was another thing all together.

“Hello, I am Ted.” He held out his hand to her, his eyes weren’t undressing her like his brother’s or other boys often did. He looks at her kindly, it was a weird look to place, but it was indifferent almost like he was regarding her as a cousin whom he has no attraction.

His hands were another story they were hard and rough like a man’s, Carley wonders what his hands would feel like on other parts of her body.

“Hi, I am Carley.” Is all she mustered out. She met his other three siblings, Ted has another named Paul, even for a boy of 11 Carley thought he was cute. Then Teds sisters were well, Carley thought they were adorable, one was a twin of Paul’s, then the oldest girl around 13 was named Beth.

Carley loves her sandals and her outfit; she looks like she has been doing chores along with the rest of the family only she manages to look her best.

“Jack what do you say we all get refreshed and we sit down for dinner. We have some food on this ship to get rid of, we brought all sorts of delicacies…” Says Nate enticingly.

“Nate I think Kelly would love a night off from cooking.”

“I’ll have the chef prepared, get suited and booted and lets say meet on my ship for cocktails in one hour?” Presses Nate.

“Sounds like a plan.” Jack turns to his children. “Girls make sure the baby elephant is fed put him in the smaller section of the enclosure, make sure you have the lock in place, Fred has been lifting the gate latch.”

Carley didn’t know what the hell Jack was talking about elephants and enclosures, her attention is firmly on Ted, he moves in his little shorts on to his families boat, all the while Carley watches his toned and rigid body moving. She would need to wear something to impress him, she knew just the right thing to wear.

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